Sunday, July 20, 2014

That time we went camping at Camp Z

Labor day weekend of 2013 was spent camping at Camp Zarahemla. We met up with our friends; the Watkins, Kartchners, Kannelys, Sullivans, Thornocks, Copelands, and Weavers. We camped over night.

Even though it was nearly a year ago, I still remember what we did. We got in around 8 pm and set up camp. We camped close to the Thornocks and Watkins. I remember worrying we were too close and would wake them up throughout the night, since Audri was still waking to be fed. I remember not sleeping much at all. I used to love camping, and then once we had kids, especially while they were still nursing, I realized it was a night spent outside with hardly any sleep. Therefore, I began finding excuses not to go. My poor husband. If only we could bring our bed with us...

Anyways, back to what we did.

We put the kiddos to bed and then the adults sat around the campfire discussing anything and everything until our thoughts were mushy and we were realizing that we'd probably only get five hours, maybe six, of sleep.

Our kids woke us up bright and early, which ended up not being all that bad. We were able to get breakfast, both paddle boat and canoe around the lake, pack up, and head over to Boulder Cave before noon.

We hiked the mile or so up to Boulder Falls and then hiked thru the cave to the river. We opted to carry both kids and the cameras, and wade through the river all of the way back down. The Watkins, Thornocks, Weavers, and Copelands joined us for the adventure. It ended up being my favorite hike. We caught frogs that were hopping all over in the shallow parts of the river. Charlie LOVED the little frogs. We also watched, that's right-- we watched, people go down the natural waterside and then we navigated our way down without getting as wet. There were some slick parts, but thanks to friends who took bags and kids from us, we were able to get down without submerging our cameras, children, or phones. Phew!

It was a great trip and has become a wonderful memory.

The camp's wakeup call at 6:30 am. Even though I was grumpy, they were the cutest little campers.

Sean and Nate Watkins on the paddle boat on Clear Lake

The paddle boat crew: Charlie, Sean, Grayson, Tucker, and Nate


A true scout master-- always on duty. Loading Ethan and Reid Weaver as well as Ethan Copeland, into their canoe.

It's a guaranteed good time when rocks, water, and little boys are involved.

Jane, Luke, and Brittany Weaver

The Kannely crew, Weavers, and Ethan Copeland

Never bored.

Charlie and his buddy, Jo-Jo (Joey Weaver)

Testing the waters at Boulder Falls

Charlie loved using his flashlight to guide him thru the dark cave. I tried not to think about bats.

About to begin our walk down the river, or very small stream.

Almost done, and loving it!

One of the many reasons we loved living in Sunnyside, WA-- it came stocked with fabulous friends.

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