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July 4, 2013

We left Sunnyside to head up to my parents' place, after work on the third. We caravanned up there with the Watkins family. On our way we stopped at the Jaramillo's to watch a huge firework show in the valley below their home. We had a great time and stayed up wayyy too late. We finished the drive at around midnight and knew the next day we would be DRAINED.

I remember waking up and rushing around getting our bags packed and the kids fed. We had to be at a breakfast at nine. To get our family anywhere by 9 am means that there will be chaos and a large mess left in our wake.

We went to my parents' ward breakfast and had a great time visiting and eating the traditional pancake, egg, fruit, and juice meal.

We decided to risk the crowds and head up to Friday Harbor to *hopefully* see whales. As we were approaching the ferry terminal we realized that we had a large blowout in the backseat to cleanup. Poor Charlie and his car seat were completely covered. We had to do a strip-down in the parking lot. I remember being sad that he wouldn't be able to wear his red shorts. Then I realized that Sean threw the whole 'patriotic attire' rule out the window, and we would survive our mismatched day. I was happy that Charlie's stomach felt better. That was quite the lesson to learn-- have him pace himself when eating pistachios. He loves them. They are a good snack. They fill his little energetic body up. They tear his digestive track up.

We enjoyed beautiful northwest weather, which was surprising because lots of fourths have been spent under umbrellas up there. The Watkins and us really enjoyed the ferry ride, and spent the entire trip to Friday Harbor out on the ferry's deck.

Time was cutting close, but we ran to the bus that would take us to the side of the island for whale watching. We wandered around the rocky beach and visited the lighthouse. Finally, after not seeing a whale, we decided to head back so that we could wander around the town a bit before we had to catch our returning ferry. I felt I had to be pulled from the beach. I wanted to see an orca sooooo badly.

As we began the drive back the bus driver told us where the whales had been hanging out and that they would probably be swimming along that beach, that we had JUST left, in the next half an hour or so. I was so disappointed. Then the bus driver pulled the bus to the side and pointed at a few boats out in the water. He said that the cluster of boats usually signified a whale pod being nearby. Sure enough, up popped a whale. I was SO happy!! I probably thanked that driver a hundred times on the way out. One day I hope to be out on a boat to see them closely, but that was a perfect start.

We wandered thru some stores. Britni found her traditional ornament for their Christmas tree. I like her tradition of buying an ornament at each place they visit. After the store wandering, it was off to the ice cream store.

We took our cones and walked down different piers. There were so many sailboats, and the weather was absolutely perfect, I decided I could live there. Then I remembered that I get cabin fever and closed that option. I would feel too trapped out there year round.

We boarded our ferry and headed back. At that point we were all pretty hungry. The pancakes and ice cream didn't last long enough, apparently. We overspent at the ferry cafe and then filled our stomachs. Charlie had a soft pretzel and cheese and I snuck some pieces. It took me right back to the middle school cafeteria-- soft pretzels and cheese was considered the cool lunch. I felt cool.

Grayson laid down on the ferry bench and Britni's lap and was out. We all felt like sleeping, and we may have had several of our heads bobbing up and down.

We spent the evening watching the fireworks at a beach near my parents' place. They brought down a small grill and made hot dogs for us all. It was a fun little beach bbq. We stayed until maybe 10, but then we were so drained we left early and went home. Man did we sleep that night.

The next day we set out for the state park. We spent the day watching the boys throw rocks in the water while the men were out checking the crab pots. They came in and let the boys take turns out on the boat, which they loved. After a few hours they had caught their limit, and we had reached our fill of sun, rock-throwing, beach-sitting, and cliff-climbing with little ones. Home again home again we went (and by home, I mean my parent's home). We ate plenty of crab, except for Britni, she was pregnant and not feeling too up for crab. I don't blame her-- if I want to hate a food, I just need to eat a little more than a serving while pregnant.

It was a great trip with great friends. Since I am writing this a year after the fact and after a move, I am missing those friends, but grateful for the memory.

The position of my camera made Grayson look like Goliath. Charlie is on the smaller end, but they normally don't look that different in size.

Poor Audri, always trying to see what's going on.
Friday Harbor

Love these little friends
Enjoying having Sean around
meeting their dinner

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