Thursday, July 24, 2014

2013 pictures: part 2

PNW beaches are fuh-reezing in mid April. Thankfully my dad has this fantastic blue jacket that I grab each time I am home. Charlie was just wanting to go run and play. Forget pictures, mom.
At home selfies. Proving to myself, in years to come, that I was able to get us all up and dressed. Love when they will sit on my lap together.
The tractor doesn't stand a chance. Thank heavens for hand-me-downs. This track is such a fun toy! Thank you Ethan Copeland!
When Grandpa Bruce comes, there is always a gift...or two...or ten. The kids will never tire of grandparent spoils. Charlie Crockett.
One night I walked into the toy room and shrieked. In the dark, this was not a pleasant encounter.

Brent and Erin Martin let us come shoot with them. I fell in love with a 9mm that day. This was also the first time we left Audri. The Watkins took the kids for a couple of hours-- they knew we needed a small outing. May 2013
Never leave brown sugar, or any kind of sugar, out. It produces tasmanian toddlers.
Sunnyside would get amazing storms. 
Hiking to Punch Bowl Falls.
We met up with Jason and Wendy's family as well as Phillip and Brittany's, for a three-day weekend in Portland.
Sean forgot to bring his pants, so I stepped in.
Charlieosaurus, the milkivore
There were three sets of missionaries that met in our building with us. We had them every six weeks for dinner and haircuts. Charlie was hesitant at first, but he ended up loving having them over. It was always an exhausting day/night, but was equally wonderful.
Charlie's a varsity rock-thrower.
Meeting dad for lunch
Sean got to present Phillip with his white coat. It was a pretty cool moment.
I was soooo excited to shop for girl clothes, that I may have gotten too many. This is such a cute dress, but she only wore it twice because it got lost in her closet and then was too small. Sad, but darling baby.
Such a good assistant.
We got this table from Jason and Wendy. They used it for quite some time. I was tired of the orange-y yellow-y wood. and decided to refinish it. It took forever, but I'm happy with the outcome. I ended up having the missionaries help with some of the sanding as they were waiting for haircuts. It was a wonderful trade.
I got out of the shower to see this-- somewhere there is a naked boy.
I needed reasons to get out of the house during the winter, and Charlie needed a way to release his supply of wiggles. Gymnastics was a perfect place for the merging of those two needs. He LOVED it! Too bad his coach (who was SO good with little ones) switched classes. The replacement coach was a big disappointment, so we quit. He still talks about coach Ava.
Water babies
Oh Charlie.
Hopefully we can keep napping until he goes to kindergarten. Naps are better than chocolate.