Sunday, July 20, 2014

Audri and her food

Whoa. I am SO behind, it is overwhelming. Now that we (finally) purchase a new computer, I feel it is time to get caught up on this blog. Our family journal has suffered, and since my New Year's resolution was to get caught up, you may find me at our dining room table for the next few months.

Speaking of dining room tables.... Audri is such a great eater. I have a collection of pictures of her sweet, chubby cheeks covered in food. They make me happy.

I want to reach into this picture and pull her out. I miss that baby face.

Love when she looks at us with those big blue eyes that she got from her dad.

attack mode

a post-meal tradition

a fave of both kiddos: Ramen with carrots and egg. One of the only ways I can get Charlie to eat vegetables.

Summer 2013

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