Thursday, December 18, 2008

Singles, Temple Square, Christmas Lights, Buses, Christmas Carols, and Grandma

We were told that we could bring a date to our ward Christmas party. I decided that Grandma DeFreese would be the best choice. She participated in singing Christmas carols, chatted with all of my friends, and wandered around Temple Square with me. Everyone loved her! We even matched.

Our Christmas activity consisted of catching the chartered buses, watching the Joseph Smith movie, and then wandering around Temple Square drinking hot chocolate and looking at all the lights.

It was fun. It was freezing. It made it feel like Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

How can you tell it's finals week?

The M and M border is no longer around our beautiful creation

There aren't anymore green gum drops!

let Him in

Last night I went to the Forgotten Carols with my friend Eric, and I loved it! My favorite song was the first one, Let Him In. The music, spirit, and Christmas spirit were so overwhelming! I wish everyone could see the show. The whole show was centered around Christ, and I think at least 50% of the eyes that were watching were wet--if not, they couldn't talk because of the lumps in their throats. Eric bought the cd after the show and the four of us enjoyed the music all the way home.

Thanks Eric!

Why Eric and I are close friends:

He is considerate and didn't want to give me mono, so he pasted a kiss on my photo,
he is a man that isn't afraid to let everyone know he wears nightgowns,

he watches other people do different trades, tries to copy the things that they do,

and, he plays dress-ups to keep life exciting

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fridays Are My Favorite

This entry is for journaling purposes, and may not be like my usual entries.

I love Fridays--always have! It started back when I was in elementary school. I would get so excited to watch TGIF, I lived for those two hours of television each week! Even if I was at a sleepover, partying would stop from 8pm-10pm, so we could watch our shows.

Now that I am 25, and there isn't TGIF any longer, I look forward to other things. I love getting the latest issue of People magazine, quickly doing the crossword in the back of the magazine--before anyone else can get to it, baby-sitting my friend Crystal's adorable little seven-month-old baby Ty, going out with friends at night, knowing that I don't have school the next day, but my favorite thing is that I get to visit with the same four ladies week after week as they get their hair 'set' for the week.

Janet, Jackie, Billie, and Gayle have been coming in to visit me on Fridays for 3-4 years. I have developed great relationships with each of them. Yes, these women go a full week without washing or styling their hair. I do it for them each week. Yes, I have to scrub their hair a time or two, and use tons of hairspray to make sure it'll stay for a full week. I love each of these women for various reasons!

--JANET--A beautiful lady that always is busy, so she shows up ten minutes late saying "sorry I am late, I was doing this....". She is in her mid-sixties, has five married children (one of them passed away from a tragic accident three years ago, leaving a family behind), is from Chicago, is adopted, is married to a retired oral surgeon, is involved in various community and church activities (book club, golf club, country club, dinner group, empty nesters, choir, state legislature, gospel doctrine teacher, etc.), is a grandma of several, travels around the world with her husband and their motorcycle to bike across different countries (recently New Zealand), travels to Hondurus each year to do dental work for those that can't afford it, and scrapbooks with her granddaughters.

She is a very busy woman! I love visiting with her! We discuss politics, church, family, and most importantly---my dating life! She keeps up with all of my dates and makes sure to check up on how each one of them went. I round brush the top of her hair and flip the bottom out, she looks very trendy when we are through with the product and styling.

--JACKIE--The client that has been coming to me the longest! She is darling! She shows up ten minutes early each week with a big "Hello, how's my girl?" She is in her late seventies, has 3 children and eleven grandchildren with her first great-grandchild on the way. Jackie is terrified of anything new. She is afraid that she will get lost or forget things. She loves routine, going out to eat (especially Sizzler), her family, crochetting (she makes tons of afgans for humanitarian groups), and watching shows on t.v. all day--especially Judge Judy. Her husband is a retired BYU professor who loves to hike around by himself. Each week while she is getting her hair done, she tells me that he is either up at Squaw Peak or the top of Y mountain. She complains about how her husband makes her leave her comfy recliner to walk around the mall--not something she enjoys. She loves Coca-cola, so I make sure to offer her one each time she comes in.

Jackie gets a perm and cut every three months. She likes her hair curled tightly to her head and then back-combed a ton so that it won't move for the week. I spray so much hairspray on her do, so much so that we caugh each Friday from fumes! I am so grateful to have her friendly face come see me each Friday!

--BILLIE--A cute frail, yet very mobile 97 year old. Billie makes me smile! She has never been really sick, so she is able to be up and moving around without a cane. Her husband passed away ten years ago from an illness. She has two daughters, and is from Boulder City, NV. Her name fascinated me, so I asked how she got it. She said that she and her brother hated their names growing up, so they gave each other nicknames. Buhla was her name, and so when everyone started calling her Billie, it stuck.

I love Billie because she has little moments of forgetfullness. She will have the rollers in her hair and be sitting under the dryer, but peek out and ask me to use the "wash room." Sometimes she goes (taking 10 minutes) comes and sits for five minutes before asking me that same question. I laugh each time and ask if she's sure she needs to go, and she insists, so I stop styling Jackie's hair to take her. She will also sit and read People magazine while under the dryer. She doesn't seem to turn many pages, so once I asked her what she was reading. Billie's response was "nothing really very good, Rachel," then I look at the page and find out that she is staring at adds...kills me each time! She loves visiting with Jackie each week (their appointments overlap), and I love listening to their conversations. Billie gets her hair set in rollers and the back-combed with lots of hairspray. We add combs and 'bobbys'--what Billie calls bobby pins. I just love seeing her each week and am very impressed with her physical condition!

--GAYLE--She is a very cute, quiet, fragile eighty year old. She is very particular about the temperature, the noise level, the smells, and how I curl her hair around her ears. She is the mother to two girls and has ten grandchildren and a couple of greats. She lost her husband about 15 years ago to polio. She worked so hard throughout her life to support the family. She took care of everything because of her husband's condition. Her daughter told me that she used to carry him draped on her back! What a woman! It's no wonder why she is more frail than my others, she was such a hard working woman her entire life! She gets all done up each week to visit with me. She has the nurses put on lipstick and eyeshadow, and I make sure to tell her that she looks lovely each week. She sleeps all the time, and gets out of the house once a week to see me. It took awhile to bond with Gayle because she is so picky and opinionated, but once we created the bond, she won't let it be broken.

I curl Gayle's hair in tight curls around her head and back-comb lightly--she doesn't like too much. We spray with hairspray, but lightly as well. She needs my hands to help her get in and out of her chair and to walk to and from the shampoo bowl. She doesn't want to be around much longer and is anxious to see her husband again. I really enjoy seeing Gayle, when she is well enough to make her appointments!

I used to wonder why older ladies carried around the plastic scarves for their hair, but now I understand. When you get your hair done once a week, you need to protect it from any disasters! Each of my ladies has a scarf with them!

Even though I sometimes would rather be doing a color on a younger lady, I wouldn't trade any of the appointments I have had with these women! I love seeing them each week! They are a great way to go into the weekend!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you?

I was at work on Saturday, and was approached by one of my co-workers. This is how our conversation went....

HER: Rachel, how old are you?
ME: 25
HER: You're not dating anyone right now, right?
ME: Nope (Oh no, what's she going to ask me now?)
HER: Are you wanting to commit to someone?
ME: (oh great, another 17 year old that thinks I have dating issues) Sure, if the right situation came along, but I don't usually seek dating situations out. They usually just happen when the time is right.
HER: I have a friend I want to set you up with. He is ready to get married and is looking for a serious relationship right now.
ME: What's he like? (besides seemingly desperate)
HER: He has had lots of girlfriends, but they are all getting married, and he is really ready to settle down.
ME: (That really didn't describe him too well) What's his personality like? Is he going to school? Working? What does he look like?
HER: Well, I am not going to lie, he's not very attractive.
ME: (SOLD!) Well, I am usually up for set-ups or whatever, but you aren't really selling him too well.
HER: I'll try to get a picture for you.

Are you kidding me? I'll keep you in mind when I get desperate and lonely, but for the time being, I am doing great, thanks!

Monday, November 10, 2008

letters to my monday nemeses

Warning: Negative post ahead, proceed with caution.

Dear smirky, all-knowing math professor,
I watched you challenge us today with problem after problem. I saw that smirk across your face as you made things ALOT more complicated. Did you see me roll my eyes at you? I already feel behind with all the homework you loaded up on me today, so thank you.

I'd like to give you a gift. It's a challenge from me to you. I'd like to set a middle-aged, long head of hair in front of you and see you change the level 7, 1/2 grey 1/2 natural color, to a beautiful golden blonde with no roots and no streaking. The shape of the hair needs to change from a straight, thick, mid-back length to a bob that sits above the shoulders but not up to the chin. To hide the wrinkles along the forehead, she needs bangs--not to heavy, just the right amount--not to short, she doesn't want to look like a kindergartner that just found mom's scissors. She has thick hair, so she will need the ends to be texturized, and to make her look younger, she would like a slight a-line. Oh, I forgot to tell you something. The underlying pigment in her hair is red, so you will have to mix a little bit of green in the formula to counteract the red. Make sure you don't add too much green though, cause the grey strands will look too ashy.

Good luck! If you need my help, my office hours are from 8-8:30am Saturdays.
~Your frustrated blonde student--the one that looked like she just rolled out of bed without a shower to come to class today

Dear Albert Einstein and mathematicians,
I have a bone to pick with you. The alphabet used to be so simple, until it crossed paths with you. Now instead of just being a, b, c, d, e, f.... it's a, b, c, d, e, e, E=mc squared, and ln e. Who said you could mess with the alphabet like that?
~Blonde R-a-c-h-e e E=mc squared ln e-l

Dear nutritionists,
Why do I need to drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day? Since that is something we need to do, can there be more bathrooms?
~blonde with a small bladder

Dear bathroom,
Where are you? I am doing an embarrassing bathroom dance while trying to find you. Everyone in the hall is staring at me. My cheeks are now deep red. Please appear, please?
~dancing blonde

Dear Costco,
I love your pretzel crisps! I crave them! Are you really out of all the bags?
~hungry blonde girl

Dear Skin,
I think you are confused. I am not a teenager anymore. Please stop sending me red, bumpy surprises.
~Make-up coated blonde

Dear Monday,
Can it please be Tuesday?

~tired, cold, grouchy, stressed, hungry, small-bladdered, blonde Rachel
P.S. It's only 2 pm.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

spare time?

I recently was asked what I liked to do in my spare time. The only answers I could come up with were: do homework in the math lab, run, spend time in the library studying math, sleep, and then I drew a blank. What's wrong with me? I used to have so many hobbies I couldn't keep up with. Now I have so many math equations I can't keep up with. I realized that I need to find balance in my life, but it's going to have to wait for Christmas break.

This is the fun I've been may get jealous.

Shipping Stereos An electronics discount chain has a sale on a certain brand of stereo. The chain has stores in Santa Monica and El Toro and warehouses in Long Beach and Pasadena. To satisfy rush orders, 15 sets must be shipped from the warehouses to the Santa Monica store, and 19 must be shipped to the El Toro store. The cost of shipping a set is $5 from Long Beach to Santa Monica, $6 from Long Beach to El Toro, $4 from Pasadena to Santa Monica, and $5.50 from Pasadena to El Toro. If the Long Beach has 24 sets and the Pasadena warehouse hs 18 sets in stock, how many sets should be shipped from each warehouse to each store to fill the orders at a minimum shipping cost?

Thankfully this is the last math class I will EVER have to take.......yuck!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My dad's better than your dad

My grandma decided to move to Utah last month. The move down ended up being lots of fun for us girls. Dad, along with Uncle Terry, accompanied grandma on the move. All growing up there never was a dull moment around our household, and dad coming down to Utah proved that dull moments don't follow him. We were constantly entertained. This visit made me realize how nervous I am to bring a guy around my family (especially the Megan-Dad combo). The two of them would sit and discuss things openly that I am sure are not discussed around anyone else's dinner tables (use your imagination, and I am sure you will hit the nail on the head).

I hate not knowing how to fix my car, and it was needing new brakes....perfect timing, right when dad was coming! Since he knows how to fix anything on a car, I batted my eyes and asked if he could change my brake pads. Of course he couldn't turn his favorite daughter down. I wanted to watch so that I could do it next time. I was perched on a bucket right behind, and probably irritatingly close, watching my dad in his coveralls get splattered with brake juice. Even though it was dirty, it looked pretty simple-or so I thought. Then we got to the stubborn pistons...leave it to me to have a stubborn vehicle. After a trip to Checkers to buy more tools, a couple choice words dropping, and an extremely quiet hour of battling the piston, my dad looked at me with brake juice down his face and told me it was impossible and that it needed to be taken in. NOOOOOOO!!!! I didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount to have something done that my dad was capable of doing. Obviously, being a former primary student I prayed. I think I may have sent five or so prayers out during that painfully frustrating hour. Right after the last prayer, I heard a click. My dad turned to face us girls with a smirk on his face. He looked back and forth from Megan to me, and what came out of his mouth shocked me and made me laugh hysterically--"alright you two, who's been praying? Come on, someone has. This dang piston didn't just turn on it's own!" We were laughing so hard, inducing hiccups. My hiccups came and went for the remainder of the night. I think it was so funny to us because my mother is often guilty of reverting back to her primary ways when dad says something can't be done. We, with the help of someone else, prove him wrong quite often. My brakes were fixed! Thanks dad!

I also have to share a story that I heard about while he was down. When Megan was getting ready to go to a formal dance in high school, my dad realized that he was tired of the expensive, scandalous formal dresses. Wanting to prove that he could find an affordable, modest dress, he gets on ebay and started bidding on a formal, seemingly modest, dress. He was excited to win the bidding while only spending $15. The dress came, and feeling proud that he was going to prove my mom and sister wrong, he had Megan try it on. Mom and Megan were laughing pretty hard, cause dad was about to be humbled. The dress was cut so high, her booty practically hung out. With hands thrown in the air, he realized he would not win the formal dress battle.

Oh, and he can also dance, strike a pose for the camera, fish, shoot, tell us girls when we need to put new material on our blogs, feed the grandsons pickles, and he even lets us all win at the games we play around the table-even though he pretends to be trying his hardest to win, etc....... He either does it all or keeps a straight face while pretending he knows what he's doing.

I am pretty sure this means that my dad is better than your dad!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Class of 1983

If I were a senior in '83..........I'm quite sure I would have hair like this.

If 'That 70's Show' was recasting........I'm quite sure they'd cast Megan.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I was lying low with the whole tagging thing, but then got caught! Sweet Heather (aka Trixie) is having me post the 4th picture in the 4th file on my computer.....It actually is a fun memory.

This is Chase, me, and Austin watching an Orem Owls baseball game July 4, 2007. We had just gotten back from hiking 18 miles up and down Mt. Timpanogos, and this was before we went to watch the Stadium of Fires' Firework show.

Who I am tagging:

~Megan and James
~Mary Carol Sommers
~Juliann Pelton
~Dana Sudweeks

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What can you do in 4 hours and 14 minutes?

Four hours and 14 minutes is a good amount of time. I was contemplating what could be done in that amount of time yesterday morning. This is what I came up with.

I could:
-take a decent-sized nap
-watch two sessions of conference and a little mo-tab
-drive to St. George, with a bathroom stop
-be on a date, start to finish
-watch Anne of Green Gables and then be partially through Anne of Avonlea
-hike up and down the 'Y' 5-6 times
-drive to the airport, catch a plane, and land in Seattle
-clean every room in my apartment, top to bottom
-start and finish two color clients
-watch 18 episodes of either Friends or The Office

Let me tell you what I did in four hours and 14 minutes yesterday morning.

-drank five or so cups of gatorade
-choked down two packets of goo
-visited with a friend, while we both tried to catch our breath between sentences
-made two bathroom stops
-had my legs rubbed down twice with icy hot
-listened to most of the songs on my shuffle
-listened to some songs and a couple of episodes of The Office on my sister's ipod
-experienced the worst inner-thigh chafing
-had suicidal thoughts
-checked out a thousand or so sets of toned legs

I DID IT! Let me just tell you, that 6500 participants ran the entire thing in the pouring down rain!

No one told me that I would need to pack my Nike galoshes, a rain coat, a hat, and hand warmers. No one told me that goo tasted so disgusting. No one told me that this marathon would include a wet t-shirt contest (so I wore white, and it was completely see-through five minutes into the run). No one told me that 60 year old men would have nicer legs than me. No one told me I was going to be running this thing with 5 individuals over the age of 80, and 39 under the age of 14. No one told me that I would walk like I was 85 after I was through. No one told me that I would get sick twice during the run and have to book it to the bathroom. No one told me that the last .2 miles would be the longest. And, most importantly, NO ONE TOLD ME IT WOULD ALL BE WORTH IT!!!!

It was worth it to have a tummy ache for the remainder of the day. It was worth it to be dripping wet for four hours and 14 minutes. It was worth it to train for hours each week. It was worth the money. It was worth it to wake up at 4 o'clock on a Saturday morning. It was worth it to cross that line and receive a medal!

I think I found a new love! I am looking forward to training for my next one. First I need to be able to regain the use of my legs, but then I am off.

My brother-in-law, James, and I enjoyed the experience! Luckily, there was a picture of him crossing the finish line. He completed the run in three hours and 55 minutes. There wasn't a shot taken of me crossing the line, so I am posting a picture that was taken an hour and a half after the race was through.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blush and Bashful

I know that the saying goes 'three times a bridesmaid, never a bride,' but what about seven times a bridesmaid? What's going to happen to me when I have a closet full of colorful dresses and nowhere to wear them to? Maybe my birthday party this year should be '27 dresses.' Maybe I should invite 27 ladies and make them wear one of their dresses? Who said these dresses can't be worn again? Now I am thinking clearly.....

Let me just tell you about my day. Did I sleep the night before? Maybe for about three hours. Just the perfect amount for a full day of big smiles and walking around in heels. Did I eat breakfast that morning? Of course not, I was unsure if my dress was fixable and would wear it no matter what. I wanted the most room in that dress as possible, even if it meant feeling light-headed and listening to a grumbling tummy. After racing out the door, going through my mental checklist of things I needed to bring, I ran to get my hair done. I was greeted by a happy dog, who decided to wrap his leash around me. There I went, falling in the grass with all my stuff in hand. Walking away with only a skinned knee, I was grateful. Since I have so much hair, styling it was an easy task----wrong! Poor Crystal, had to shelaque the do and backcomb like crazy. Bless her heart! I took a couple of clients before heading off to class. Yep, that's right, I went to math right before the event. I looked like a treat, and definitely stood out in my heels, dress, fancy do, makeup and my plastered on smile (just practicing for pictures). Sitting in my class, trying to go unnoticed, my teacher decided to ask if anything exciting was going on that day while looking straight at me. Yep, I had eighty eyes on me as I blushed and explained that I was going to be in a wedding. Embarrassing. Once math was through, I ran to the temple. Don't worry, the gas light came on......perfect timing. A quick stop had to be made, and I forgot what I was doing and drove off with my gas cap off. Nice Rachel, nice. The ceremony was beautiful! The urge to tear up came, but I had to push it away. Finally I got to meet up with the other bridesmaids. The lady that did Brooke's hair and makeup thought the theme was blush and bashful, cause she went to town with the hot pink colors, and the backcombing. Pictures pictures pictures. Then we were off to the reception hall in SLC. After setting up chinese lanterns, votives, signs, tables, chairs, cookies, the sign-in table, etc, we were off to put on our dresses. Thankfully mine fit, but let me just let you guess who forgot their slip. Pictures, pictures, mingling, laughing, tearing up. Enter Rachel's date. Mike was a wonderful addition to the day. He made me laugh and relax. After saying good-bye and tearing up again, it was time to clean up and say goodbyes to all of MC and Nate's family and friends. Off went the heels and onto the rest of the date. A full, but good, day. I love weddings!

September 26th came and went too quickly. MC and Nate looked amazing, and the day ran smoothly. The venue, Woods on the ninth, was decorated beautifully. Aside from my dress mishap and the lame guitarist, it went as planned.

CoNgRaTs NaTe & M.c.!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I heart Mary Carol

I have loved living with the 42 different roommates that I have in the past 7 years! Usually I am the one to stay behind as the others advance. It's always a sad day when I have to say good-bye to them. I am grateful for all the roommates I have had, and just as grateful for all the things I have learned from each one.

It's time for me to say good-bye to one of my favorites...Mary Carol Ferguson. Lucky Nate gets to hold onto this one for forever! I am so happy for her to have the opportunity to be sealed in the Timpanogos Temple this coming Friday.

We had a little bachelorette party for her this past Saturday. It was lots of fun, and a great way to celebrate without all the guys and other wedding things getting in the way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A sad good-bye!

(Last summer, not quite unwearable)

When I first purchased this pair of jeans, I had no idea I would fall in love. It's sad to say good-bye, but it's definitely time.

They have so many stories to tell. The first hole came when I did the fresh-from-the-dryer stretch to get them to feel how I like them to. That occured in Chandelle 883 when I lived with Linds, Rach, and Julee. The second came when I was out playing soccer in the rain with Victor, Chad, Dan, Julee, Rachel, and probably a couple others I can't remember right now. Then came my upper-right thigh hole. I went to Vegas with Jason, Jared, and Cameron. We stayed with Jason and Jared's sister and brother-in-law, and energetic dog Axle. Axle greeted me hello, jumped up and left me with a hole to remember him by. The hole below my right cheek came suddenly out on the Andrus Ranch in 07. Sister Andrus was such a great host and mended them for me, even though we all knew I should just through them away. Last, but not least, came the hole below my left cheek which came while I was on a date. We went four-wheeling up in the Spanish Fork canyon. Thankfully it grew dark before my date could really get a good look...... My mom patched that one up, but only after telling me I really should just get more jeans. Instead of 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants,' I decided to give them their own title--'Tales of the Hot Pants.' Don't worry, I even wrote an English paper on them this past week.

I can't post a current picture, cause they pretty much are see-through and shredded. Just trust me, I got my money's worth!

(Pre-dryer holes)

(one year ago, when they were still appropriate)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rachel gets an 'F' in dating?

You are probably wondering how this is so. Just to let you know, it is possible. I should have my dates fill out comment cards after an evening with Rachel....nah! I am pretty sure I can sum it up for myself accurately. I am getting pretty good, or at least I thought I was.....

I have a busy schedule right now, and so my week fills up before it even begins. I love to stay busy, and so I thought I'd be able to handle it all. My date last night (who will remain nameless) kept trying to set up a time for us to get together, and after a couple of phone calls, pushing the pick-up time later each call, he picked me up at 8. At that point, I had already subtracted 10 points from my dating score card. Tardy flakey girls are not acceptable. I also, being exhausted, showed up in a hoodie--minus 5 points. We were eating dinner and I ran into a friend of mine, guy (who will also remain nameless), and chatted, cutting off my date as he spoke, for a couple of minutes (wasn't quite sure what to do, so I subtracted 10 points). My poor date was probably puzzeled by the look on my face as I kept trying to assess the damage of the night and where I was standing, point wise. I thought I was free and clear when I sat down to watch Batman Begins. As the movie progressed, and the plot thickened, I found myself enjoying the storyline and Christian Bale. Next thing I knew, I woke up to the credits running across the screen.....AHHH! I fell asleep! I didn't even know what happened to Batman and Rachel and my poor date didn't even know what happened to me. At that point, I just had to apologize over and over. If you are reading this, date who is to remain nameless, I AM SO SORRY!!! This morning I woke up and deducted 25 points for my movie behavior. My poor poor date.

Pretty sure if we add that up I'm at 50%. Pretty sure that's a failing grade. Pretty sure I am going to have to try again until I perfect it. Pretty sure the past 9 years of my life have been spent with scenarios like this one. Pretty sure that's why my ring finger is still bare, and I am pretty sure I still have several lessons to learn.........pretty sure!

Monday, September 1, 2008

First BYU Football game

I think I maybe make it to two football games per year, if that. I would rather watch basketball or volleyball. I think the reason why I don't enjoy the games as much is cause I am usually too hot, too cold, and crammed with tons of others standing up and down when I would rather just stay sitting.

I thought that since this game began at four, we wouldn't be so hot, and I knew it definitely wouldn't be too cold. As brilliant as I think I am, I just thought I would have to deal with people standing up and down, which I could do....I was wrong! It was so hot! The man in front of me sat against my knees and he also opened up a sprite that had been previously shaken and sprayed the poor guy and those surrounding him with a sticky, lemon-lime scented liquid. People were walking past with sweaty bums, heads of dripping hair, and each clad in navy blue BYU gear!

Despite the poor conditions, it was a ton of fun! I was able to sit with Rachel and Matt, who were in town on a visit. It was fun to catch up, and remember being there with all of our friends in years past.

I love the energy the fans bring with them, but I think I will enjoy the next few games from my couch, or the treadmill at the gym........ Thanks again Rach and Matt!

Friday, August 15, 2008

"I'm going there someday"

Okay, so maybe I went there Wednesday! Maybe I can't wear my favorite tattered pair of jeans, with holes all up my legs anymore. But maybe I don't care because that small sacrifice is worth it!

I will return again shortly....not maybe, for sure!

Thank you to all that came and showed support, it made my experience so special!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

tricks aren't just for kids

for the past three summers i have been playing on a co-ed softball team called Public Enemy. i play either catcher, left center or right field. i have become pretty good friends with the right center, Todd. we have always raced out to our positions to see who is quickest. often times we hide gloves so that we can get that much ahead--i know, we are competitive. last season we decided that the loser needs to do a trick once they reach their position. we have each performed our fair share of tricks. let me tell you though, i am not a tricky person, so i am running out of ideas and need your help. i have quoted Nacho Libre, enlightened him with my talented and not at all off-key rendition of Incarnation (song Nacho sings to the nun, but i can't remember how to spell her name), done countless cartwheels, handstands, and other random gymnastics tricks that i learned in the third grade. i am now boring myself, and realizing that i don't have too many talents or tricks to perform on the spot. i reached an all-time low this evening and had to settle on touching my tongue to my nose.

if any of you have any ideas, please feel free to share! i would love to mix things up next time. or maybe i should just beat him out to the field each time. hmmm.....

above is a picture of me, Todd, and the first-baseman Gentry.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I finally did it! I have been wanting to cut my hair for so long, but always wuss out. Here's why I love short hair:

1. It's sassy
2. I actually look like a hairdresser
3. It's much more fun to style than long hair
4. I get to use lots of fun new products (spray wax, di:fi, pomeades, etc....)
5. Short hair holds the style that you left the house with originally
6. My hair is tons healthier
7. I have to do my hair and can't just throw it up in a ponytail
8. and, it's wallet friendly, I don't use nearly as much shampoo and conditioner

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wakeboard Rookie

Megan, Me, and Crystal

Crystal and James demonstrating what I thought was possible

Reality sinking in .............. my best shot, can you see me?

All these years I have been watching friends pop right out and glide back and forth through the water on a wakeboard. So of course I thought I would just shoot out as well and be able to do several fancy tricks. My confidence was high, too high, and then it was my turn. My pride dropped and I was humbled! I didn't think it was possible to get that much water up my nose, but after 10 faceplants, I decided to call it a day. I will get it, but I was exhausted and filled with disgusting Utah Lake water.

Some good friends, the Mitchells, took my sister Megan (just came to be the flagger cause she's pregnant), my bro-in-law James, and me as well as some of their family out on their boat for Pioneer Day. Aside from my sore body and bruised pride, it was a great day! I am now doing my homework, and will be a pro next time. Watch out Utah Lake and all of the filth and dead fish in the water, I'm coming back! Oh, and thank you to the pioneers for the hardships and for finding Utah Lake.

Crys, James, Me, and Meg

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Havasupai (have a sue pie)

I thought nothing was prettier than the Dominican Republic. I wasn't proved wrong, just shown another beautiful area. A group of 40 headed down to AZ to backpack down to Havasupai Falls (located on one of the forks off of the Grand Canyon) fourth of July weekend. They were gorgeous!

We hiked in at 3am to avoid the intense AZ heat. Eight miles into the hike we hit the Supai village. It's a remote Native American village two miles outside of the falls. They helicopter supplies in daily, and are a very humble tribe. The first little building we saw was an LDS church in a little double-wide trailer.

The best feeling was arriving to the falls at 7:30am. We quickly set up camp, and just as quickly layed down for a nap. We spent the three days hiking to different falls, eating MRE meals, trying to avoid the outhouses, bathing in the river, playing frisbee and volleyball, cliff-jumping (somehow I did it once and then wussed out), swimming, playing cards, etc....
On Sunday we hiked into church. Yes, I went to church in a swimsuit, hiking shoes, swim shorts and no make-up, a girl's camp flashback for sure! Some of the hikers knew we were going to attend church and managed to pack in church clothes. I felt okay about my attire for the day. The priests even wore swim shorts and polo shirts.

We hiked back to Navajo Falls and got into the water just in time for a thunder and lightening storm....not expected. We hid in a little wooded area until we felt we could make it back to camp. When we finally got back to camp we found our tent in a puddle and all of our stuff wet. Yuck! A decision was made and we hiked up to the village and helicoptered out. It was sad to leave a day early, but with the weather being so bad, we were ready.

I can't wait to go back next year! I will remember to bring fruit, a rain jacket, and courage to cliff jump more on my next Havasupai excursion. Thanks to the Conleys who planned this entire trip!

Me, Margo, & Rach at Havasu Falls

Climbing out of Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Hayley, Me, Margo, and Kristen in a cave at Navajo Falls

All done!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Heaven On Earth

For my birthday this year I was given a wonderful surprise! My friend Tim asked me to be his date for a work trip to the Dominican Republic. All I had to take care of was getting a passport.

The trip was wonderful, but a little too short. I've never been to a white sandy beach or to a five star resort, so needless to say--I was in Heaven! It was an all-inclusive resort, so we just had to flash our bracelets to be able to eat, use the spa, and frequent the bars for pina coladas. We played sand volleyball, bartered at the small shops down the beach, played frisbee, checked out all the european men in speedos, went swimming, gathered around at night to play games, dressed up for dinners, swam with sharks and stingrays, held a stingray, went snorkeling, sat under cabanas to read, and I even danced with a dominican!

While in the Dominican Republic, I had some 'uh-oh' moments. The one thing I feel I need while prancing on the beach is mascara. With this blonde hair, my lashes aren't the darkest and I feel the need to wear just a little bit. While boarding the flight out of SLC, I realized I had applied mascara in the car that day and that my mascara would remain in the console, and not on my lashes, for the next week. I asked the airport employees if they carried any in their shops, and at each airport was disappointed. I would just have to have nude lashes! I remembered that I had primer in my make-up bag, so I decided to get creative. I put primer on my lashes and then very carefully painted them with liquid eyeliner-not an easy task. They were clumpy and yucky, but at least they were dark. The second 'uh-oh' encounter happened on the first day there. I decided to go a couple of hours without sunscreen, and was just fine. I began playing volleyball and my judgment became blurred. I forgot to put sunscreen on my shoulders. Yes, they were burnt and then blistered--yuck! I am now peeling, and sad that my vanity got the best of me. For my next trip I will lather up!

I loved the trip and am so grateful to Tim for taking me!