Friday, February 18, 2011

Can you hear me now?

The other day I was on the phone. Since our place is very small, and you don't get reception in at least a third of it, it can be tricky if the two of us need to make a call at the same time and not intrude on the other conversation. Well, my conversation lasted two minutes, and Sean had disappeared. I had no idea where he was, but I could hear his voice. Then I found him, and I must say, he is preparing me for children. I first grabbed the camera, and then laughed so hard while he finished his very "important" conversation in the............
Yes, the bathtub! Thankfully I had just given it a good scrub-down.

Aside from talking on the phone in the bathtub, Sean has been getting a kick out of watching me try to put my shoes on. After laughing, he does come and help me though. Who would've thought that a simple task would leave you so winded and in need of sitting down to recover? He likes that I either have to lunge to pick up my shoes or spread my legs and squat down to grab them. He decided to document my embarrassing attempts.
Oh, I will miss this belly but not the challenges.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Cupid knew what was meant to be, even if this expression surfaces every now and then from the both of us.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A letter to John Mayer at 38 weeks

Dear Mr. Mayer,

I think as you were writing the lyrics to 'Your Body is a Wonderland' you forgot a few adjectives. Since I think this title is all about me, I'll tell you what adjectives were left out. They are: swollen, stretched, tight, translucent, water-retaining, aching, cramping, gassy, contracting, sleep deprived, and soon-to-be saggy and sore.

So, to sum it up, next time you sing 'Your Body is a Wonderland', will you add a couple of them in, or maybe all of them? I think this sounds good 'Your body is a swollen, stretched, tight, translucent, water-retaining, aching, cramping, gassy, contracting, sleep deprived, and soon-to-be saggy and sore wonderland.'

I think your sales just went through the roof.

Much appreciated.

At 38 weeks we are getting more excited for the sleepover that we will be having shortly at the hospital. We have our favorite pjs picked out, movies, and are prepared to stay up and laugh and cry at this all-nighter.

Pregnancy Stats:

-weight gain: 21 lbs
-contractions: irregular, but regular when I walk, still just Braxton Hicks, and uncomfortable
-dialated to a 0
-effaced to a 0
-haven't dropped
-position: little bum on my left side, feet on my right and in my ribs, head toward the bottom
-mental preparation: ready, but enjoying the last little bit of time to sleep when I want, work on projects, and spend time with just Sean. I am also loving watching my body do what it is meant to do. I am surprised, but not, that it works so perfectly and knows just how to handle all of this.
-things I enjoy: baths, watching Lost, visiting friends, CHOCOLATE, juice, foot massages from Eu De Sean, finishing projects, staring at his little wardrobe and prepared cradle, knitting (I feel I aged by 20+ years) his little blanket, doing hair at my leisure, going to institute, parenting class, thrift store shopping, and having Sean around more that his school load is lightening.

We are getting excited!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Heart N.Y.

I don't think it's the smelly wefts of air that randomly find your nose while walking down the streets, or the blisters that your feet are covered with after a day of playing tourist, and it's for sure not the fear of some passerby grabbing your purse that keeps my smile big and my heart happily beating as I land in N.Y.C.

My obsession began as I became deeply involved with my 'friends': Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey. I wanted to see what this place was all about, the minute I was introduced to the witty, hilarious, can't-get-enough-of, t.v. show.

Since I first visited, I have done every touristy thing I have wanted and then some other things. Some of my favorite N.Y.C. memories have to be:

the time I took a sleeping pill and was O-U-T by the time I buckled my seatbelt,
riding a train (for the first time) into the city to go to Yankee stadium,

checking out the latest and greatest in hair trends at the IBS show in 2006,
staring for a long time at this woman's hair (IBS 2006),
visiting with Alfonso, the stylist from Italy, as he demonstrated a very expensive curling iron,
signing away my life as I decided, on a whim, to get my eyeliner tattooed on (most painful thing I have done so far),

checking out various salons,

visiting my favorite tourist attraction in NYC-- Central Park,
finding my favorite little shop in Greenwich village,
people watching,
learning the latest in styling, cutting, and coloring techniques at a hands-on training workshop,
Having a star-struck moment as I connected with my 'friends' on Morton street in Greenwich Village,
enjoying a C.E. course taught by Nicholas French,
dressing up and hitting Times Square,
hitting Broadway to see:

Legally Blonde (LOVED IT!),
and Wicked (which Sean took me to see in 2009-- LOVED IT!),

attending the Manhattan temple, in the middle of a bustling city, and not being able to hear a thing,
enjoying the nuts from the vendors while trying not to think about germs........,
watching Sean try to figure out their parking system,
and most recently, hitting Chinatown with Sean, Phillip and Brittany,
posing with Sean and his other love-- the 'disc',
checking out the skyline, while taking the ferry, and watching the brothers bond,

letting Brittany and Phillip find the temple,
and lastly, watching Brittany do what we all want to do at the end of a 12 hour day on your feet in NYC.
Each time I leave Chinatown, I have the same few lines running through my head: "You like? You buy.", "Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton", and "I give good price". It's safe to say that I love this place and have fond memories stamped all over it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HIS and HERS Crafts and Talents

We have been busy "nesting" lately. We've been developing talents, or just pulling them out from under our bushels, since December. Aside from elevating swollen ankles, attending to an always squeezed bladder, doctor's appointments, visiting Babies R Us, and playing the 'hot then cold then hot then cold' game each night, we've not been spending much time sitting and relaxing.

Here we are, pulled out from under the bushel:
making gingerbread houses from scratch
Studying for N.E.R.B.S. and Boards, while sleeping. I hope our child inherits his father's multi-tasking abilities. (both tests were passed- yay Sean!)
Again with the multi-tasking-- scratching his back and warming up for the ward basketball game.

This picture is my favorite, but Sean may kill me. He was trying to distract the guy who was guarding him by pulling crazy moves... I think what I really love about this picture is Darren's (guy in green) expression.
Sean's busiest 'craft' these days has been waxing and preparing full dentures and r.p.d.s (removable partial dentures)
I don't know why, but I like going to the lab with him and watching the whole denture-making process.

At 30 weeks pregnant, my co-workers wanted to see if I could do the Limbo. Even with my center of gravity shifted, wearing a dress and heels, I was able to prove myself. My work Christmas party was as hilarious as last year.

My December craftiness began with this cake. I decided to see what adult Play-Doh was all about. I must say that I enjoyed making this fondant cake and look forward to making a second one sometime in the future. I hope to take an actual class when we get settled in our new place.
December continued to give in the crafty department. My patient mother spent her Christmas break teaching Brittany and me how to make our carseat covers. I love how it turned out!
My mother taught me how to applique too. I love how this onesie turned out, and I can't wait to see a little body in it.
My most recent project. Started and finished in one day, which I usually can never do because I am easily distracted.

Other ways we have been "nesting" are:

*We packed all the extra stuff that we don't need, until after the move, down in the basement.
*We washed, folded, and put away all of the little guy's clothes, blankets, towels, washcloths, etc.....
*Dinners are being put into the freezer
*Bathroom has been scrubbed
*Hair appointments have been steady
*LOST has been watched
*Cankles have been resting on pillows to decrease the swelling
*While cankles have been resting, two more projects have been put in the works.
*We have been busily working for the military this month, and are scheduled for the next two Saturdays and Sundays.
*Parenting classes have been attended, as well as institute
*And last, but not least: I was released from being the Sunbeam teacher, and experienced withdrawls this last week as I sat in Gospel Doctrine. Primary is so much fun!

Here's to finding things to do for the next 4ish weeks!

Oh, and how can I forget that I have been hanging out with Superman's father?! Thanks to this blog post, which reminded me. Megan and James' blog