Monday, July 21, 2014

Suncadia, June 2013

We went with the Quigley side of the family to Suncadia. It's tucked away in the mountains near Cle Elum, WA. It was gorgeous! One of my regrets is that I didn't get many pictures. Jason, Wendy, and the kids, as well as Bruce and Joanie, made it up to our house before we took off to the resort.

Wendy, Brittany, and I decided we'd each take two nights to make dinner, and then we all pitched in for the breakfast, lunch, dessert, and snack foods. We ate well. Joanie loved that she didn't have to prepare a meal all week.

Before we took off from our house, I kept thinking we needed to grab medicine and teething aids, just in case. I kept pushing that thought out because Sean and I were convinced those teeth wouldn't be coming anytime soon. Charlie didn't get his first tooth until he was 11 months, so it was easy to push the thought aside.

The first night we were there we stayed in a beautiful condo. There were two bedrooms, a living room that had a pull-out bed, bunk beds that were built right into the wall, a kitchen, and two bathrooms. It really was gorgeous.

The next morning Jason, Rachel, and I took off for a run. I believe Wendy was on roller blades and Simon, Josh, and Emily were on bikes. We had a great run. It had been so long since I'd run consistently, so I remember being so exhausted. After we returned we packed up our stuff and headed to the house we were staying in for the rest of our trip.

The house was big! There were three bedrooms on one side. Our little family took one and shared a bathroom with Phillip and Brittany's family. They made the trip to join us once we made it to the house. Jason and Wendy's family took the room with two sets of bunks and and adjoining bathroom. The living room was large and had a fireplace and huge couch. The kitchen was also huge and had a big table for most of us to eat at and bar stools for the ones that didn't fit around the table. There was a laundry room, a loft, and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs for Bruce and Joanie. We overlooked a golf course. My favorite part of the house was the hot tub out back.

I can't remember if the teething hit hard the first or second night we were there, but our nights were a mess the whole trip. Audri started teething and would wake up screaming. We could not get her to calm down. A night of interrupted sleep is rough, but pair that with keeping a houseful of family who came to vacation up all night, and we felt awful! Sean even loaded himself and Audri into the truck to drive her to sleep. I just remember nights that we got to sleep for 45 minute increments. Oh, it made for a LONG week. I was grouchy. Sean was grouchy. Audri was in pain and grouchy. I was so looking forward to the trip all year, but that week I just wanted it to end. I was seriously counting the days until we could be home and not have Audri's screams affect such a large group of people.

While we were there we did a lot of fun activities. We spent each day at the pool swimming and sliding down the waterside, the boys went golfing, we played lots of Settlers of Catan, we played volleyball, took the kids to various play structures to play on, went hiking, enjoyed a night out to dinner, played family jeopardy and family feud, and went on several walks, runs and bike rides.

My friend, Brittany Weaver, came up to take our family pictures and then stayed to enjoy the pool and water slide.

Audri's teeth broke thru after three nights of miserable screams, but she was so off of her sleeping schedule that she still woke up screaming for the rest of the week.

Despite the sleeping, it was a great time. Here's to hoping the next family trip is full of less-grouchy family members.
Before the family trip, she took a pacifier.
Our sweet Audri, right before the sleepless nights hit
The brothers 
Brittany in a Rachel sandwich
Audri's introduction to the swings was a success
I love Charlie watching Lacey, in this one
Wendy gave us lessons on how to dig bark properly
Amazing play structures were everywhere
Loved the bathtub at the condo, our first night
Charlie loves swimming and being around the big boys. He was in Heaven all week.

giving Lacey rock-throwing instructions 
Looking for little fish with Simon. He loves Simon!
Aunt Wendy, the multi-tasker
The quiet moments were when the little ones were down for naps and technology was powered on.
Family Jeopardy
Sean's all-time favorite family picture
Mid-hike rock throwing

I spy Audri
I love how Charlie looks up to Sean so much. 
Introducing Grandma Joanie to Bill's Berry Farm
Charlie was a good sport. It was 103 degrees and he was so hot. We made him hang out with grandma while we picked cherries.
The night we got home Audri couldn't stay awake once she was in her jammies. Poor girl had such a painful week.
Love them


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