Thursday, July 24, 2014

2013 pictures: part 3

We love summer!
I turned around and these two had stripped down and were climbing into the sink. I figured I was paddling upstream when I said 'no'. They won.

Playing in the cemetery after our walk down cemetery road. 

Someone didn't see my entire run. Thankfully she was comfortable.

Charlie's favorite part of the library.

Can't get enough of this profile.

Waiting so patiently for her turn to ride in the backpack and help dad mow the lawn.

Cute home in Sunnyside.

He begged to wear my shirt and insisted he needed a belt.  Pretty Charlie

We went thru a short stint of not wanting to take naps. Thankfully that ended. I had to get creative. We turned the pack-n-play into a fort, he crawled in, and was O-U-T!

Charlie heard the big trucks from the bathtub and insisted on running out to see what was going on.  Even though we thoroughly enjoyed watching the corn be harvested, we also thoroughly enjoyed having the corn surround our home. I always felt so exposed when it was time for it to come down.

The side field.

Sean and Charlie were in a parade. They went with the rest of the dental office. It was always a lot of fun watching them sing, dance, and pass out fliers. After this parade was over Audri just fell asleep in my arms. It's such a rare thing for her to do, that I soaked it up. I didn't want to put her in her car seat.

From May-October the rose bushes produced the most beautiful flowers and buds. I cut a fresh bouquet each week and never tired of having them around.

Proof that when mom is sick and can't get off of the couch, nothing gets done. Thankfully Charlie was happy to run around in the mess and buff. I hate getting sick as a mom. I used to enjoy it, somewhat, before I had little ones.

Sean made a cleaning appointment for me. I thought he scheduled it when he had a gap in his day and could watch the kids. Instead, I enjoyed multi-tasking. Thankfully they were well behaved! Sweet kids.

Playing at Bill's Berry Farm. 

Heading thru the cherry orchard at Bill's Berry Farm.

Again, at Bill's Berry Farm. My parents came down to see us and enjoy the harvest. We were very grateful they did. Sean was out of town for the day with the scouts, so it was perfect timing!

Pressing cider. YUM!! They also got to harvest some grapes to make grape juice.

Out for a Sunday walk thru the cemetery and look what we found in the rose bush.....such a perfect hiding spot!


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