Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blush and Bashful

I know that the saying goes 'three times a bridesmaid, never a bride,' but what about seven times a bridesmaid? What's going to happen to me when I have a closet full of colorful dresses and nowhere to wear them to? Maybe my birthday party this year should be '27 dresses.' Maybe I should invite 27 ladies and make them wear one of their dresses? Who said these dresses can't be worn again? Now I am thinking clearly.....

Let me just tell you about my day. Did I sleep the night before? Maybe for about three hours. Just the perfect amount for a full day of big smiles and walking around in heels. Did I eat breakfast that morning? Of course not, I was unsure if my dress was fixable and would wear it no matter what. I wanted the most room in that dress as possible, even if it meant feeling light-headed and listening to a grumbling tummy. After racing out the door, going through my mental checklist of things I needed to bring, I ran to get my hair done. I was greeted by a happy dog, who decided to wrap his leash around me. There I went, falling in the grass with all my stuff in hand. Walking away with only a skinned knee, I was grateful. Since I have so much hair, styling it was an easy task----wrong! Poor Crystal, had to shelaque the do and backcomb like crazy. Bless her heart! I took a couple of clients before heading off to class. Yep, that's right, I went to math right before the event. I looked like a treat, and definitely stood out in my heels, dress, fancy do, makeup and my plastered on smile (just practicing for pictures). Sitting in my class, trying to go unnoticed, my teacher decided to ask if anything exciting was going on that day while looking straight at me. Yep, I had eighty eyes on me as I blushed and explained that I was going to be in a wedding. Embarrassing. Once math was through, I ran to the temple. Don't worry, the gas light came on......perfect timing. A quick stop had to be made, and I forgot what I was doing and drove off with my gas cap off. Nice Rachel, nice. The ceremony was beautiful! The urge to tear up came, but I had to push it away. Finally I got to meet up with the other bridesmaids. The lady that did Brooke's hair and makeup thought the theme was blush and bashful, cause she went to town with the hot pink colors, and the backcombing. Pictures pictures pictures. Then we were off to the reception hall in SLC. After setting up chinese lanterns, votives, signs, tables, chairs, cookies, the sign-in table, etc, we were off to put on our dresses. Thankfully mine fit, but let me just let you guess who forgot their slip. Pictures, pictures, mingling, laughing, tearing up. Enter Rachel's date. Mike was a wonderful addition to the day. He made me laugh and relax. After saying good-bye and tearing up again, it was time to clean up and say goodbyes to all of MC and Nate's family and friends. Off went the heels and onto the rest of the date. A full, but good, day. I love weddings!

September 26th came and went too quickly. MC and Nate looked amazing, and the day ran smoothly. The venue, Woods on the ninth, was decorated beautifully. Aside from my dress mishap and the lame guitarist, it went as planned.

CoNgRaTs NaTe & M.c.!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I heart Mary Carol

I have loved living with the 42 different roommates that I have in the past 7 years! Usually I am the one to stay behind as the others advance. It's always a sad day when I have to say good-bye to them. I am grateful for all the roommates I have had, and just as grateful for all the things I have learned from each one.

It's time for me to say good-bye to one of my favorites...Mary Carol Ferguson. Lucky Nate gets to hold onto this one for forever! I am so happy for her to have the opportunity to be sealed in the Timpanogos Temple this coming Friday.

We had a little bachelorette party for her this past Saturday. It was lots of fun, and a great way to celebrate without all the guys and other wedding things getting in the way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A sad good-bye!

(Last summer, not quite unwearable)

When I first purchased this pair of jeans, I had no idea I would fall in love. It's sad to say good-bye, but it's definitely time.

They have so many stories to tell. The first hole came when I did the fresh-from-the-dryer stretch to get them to feel how I like them to. That occured in Chandelle 883 when I lived with Linds, Rach, and Julee. The second came when I was out playing soccer in the rain with Victor, Chad, Dan, Julee, Rachel, and probably a couple others I can't remember right now. Then came my upper-right thigh hole. I went to Vegas with Jason, Jared, and Cameron. We stayed with Jason and Jared's sister and brother-in-law, and energetic dog Axle. Axle greeted me hello, jumped up and left me with a hole to remember him by. The hole below my right cheek came suddenly out on the Andrus Ranch in 07. Sister Andrus was such a great host and mended them for me, even though we all knew I should just through them away. Last, but not least, came the hole below my left cheek which came while I was on a date. We went four-wheeling up in the Spanish Fork canyon. Thankfully it grew dark before my date could really get a good look...... My mom patched that one up, but only after telling me I really should just get more jeans. Instead of 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants,' I decided to give them their own title--'Tales of the Hot Pants.' Don't worry, I even wrote an English paper on them this past week.

I can't post a current picture, cause they pretty much are see-through and shredded. Just trust me, I got my money's worth!

(Pre-dryer holes)

(one year ago, when they were still appropriate)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rachel gets an 'F' in dating?

You are probably wondering how this is so. Just to let you know, it is possible. I should have my dates fill out comment cards after an evening with Rachel....nah! I am pretty sure I can sum it up for myself accurately. I am getting pretty good, or at least I thought I was.....

I have a busy schedule right now, and so my week fills up before it even begins. I love to stay busy, and so I thought I'd be able to handle it all. My date last night (who will remain nameless) kept trying to set up a time for us to get together, and after a couple of phone calls, pushing the pick-up time later each call, he picked me up at 8. At that point, I had already subtracted 10 points from my dating score card. Tardy flakey girls are not acceptable. I also, being exhausted, showed up in a hoodie--minus 5 points. We were eating dinner and I ran into a friend of mine, guy (who will also remain nameless), and chatted, cutting off my date as he spoke, for a couple of minutes (wasn't quite sure what to do, so I subtracted 10 points). My poor date was probably puzzeled by the look on my face as I kept trying to assess the damage of the night and where I was standing, point wise. I thought I was free and clear when I sat down to watch Batman Begins. As the movie progressed, and the plot thickened, I found myself enjoying the storyline and Christian Bale. Next thing I knew, I woke up to the credits running across the screen.....AHHH! I fell asleep! I didn't even know what happened to Batman and Rachel and my poor date didn't even know what happened to me. At that point, I just had to apologize over and over. If you are reading this, date who is to remain nameless, I AM SO SORRY!!! This morning I woke up and deducted 25 points for my movie behavior. My poor poor date.

Pretty sure if we add that up I'm at 50%. Pretty sure that's a failing grade. Pretty sure I am going to have to try again until I perfect it. Pretty sure the past 9 years of my life have been spent with scenarios like this one. Pretty sure that's why my ring finger is still bare, and I am pretty sure I still have several lessons to learn.........pretty sure!

Monday, September 1, 2008

First BYU Football game

I think I maybe make it to two football games per year, if that. I would rather watch basketball or volleyball. I think the reason why I don't enjoy the games as much is cause I am usually too hot, too cold, and crammed with tons of others standing up and down when I would rather just stay sitting.

I thought that since this game began at four, we wouldn't be so hot, and I knew it definitely wouldn't be too cold. As brilliant as I think I am, I just thought I would have to deal with people standing up and down, which I could do....I was wrong! It was so hot! The man in front of me sat against my knees and he also opened up a sprite that had been previously shaken and sprayed the poor guy and those surrounding him with a sticky, lemon-lime scented liquid. People were walking past with sweaty bums, heads of dripping hair, and each clad in navy blue BYU gear!

Despite the poor conditions, it was a ton of fun! I was able to sit with Rachel and Matt, who were in town on a visit. It was fun to catch up, and remember being there with all of our friends in years past.

I love the energy the fans bring with them, but I think I will enjoy the next few games from my couch, or the treadmill at the gym........ Thanks again Rach and Matt!