Thursday, December 18, 2008

Singles, Temple Square, Christmas Lights, Buses, Christmas Carols, and Grandma

We were told that we could bring a date to our ward Christmas party. I decided that Grandma DeFreese would be the best choice. She participated in singing Christmas carols, chatted with all of my friends, and wandered around Temple Square with me. Everyone loved her! We even matched.

Our Christmas activity consisted of catching the chartered buses, watching the Joseph Smith movie, and then wandering around Temple Square drinking hot chocolate and looking at all the lights.

It was fun. It was freezing. It made it feel like Christmas.


Carly and Todd said...

That is precious and probably the best date EVER!

Meg said...

How fun! I love Temple Square at christmas time. :)

Kaela Cusack said...

Stinkin' cute. Glad you had a good time!

Rob and Juliann said...

Your Grandma is a total hottie!