Thursday, December 11, 2008

let Him in

Last night I went to the Forgotten Carols with my friend Eric, and I loved it! My favorite song was the first one, Let Him In. The music, spirit, and Christmas spirit were so overwhelming! I wish everyone could see the show. The whole show was centered around Christ, and I think at least 50% of the eyes that were watching were wet--if not, they couldn't talk because of the lumps in their throats. Eric bought the cd after the show and the four of us enjoyed the music all the way home.

Thanks Eric!

Why Eric and I are close friends:

He is considerate and didn't want to give me mono, so he pasted a kiss on my photo,
he is a man that isn't afraid to let everyone know he wears nightgowns,

he watches other people do different trades, tries to copy the things that they do,

and, he plays dress-ups to keep life exciting

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Robie and Chelsea said...

I had to sing a solo in church today from The Forgotten Carols. I have never seen it, but it sounds amazing! I sang "Mary Let Me Hold Her Baby," but it would be interesting to hear what the song REALLY sounds like since I am sure my shaky voice sounded nothing like the real thing.