Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank you?

I was at work on Saturday, and was approached by one of my co-workers. This is how our conversation went....

HER: Rachel, how old are you?
ME: 25
HER: You're not dating anyone right now, right?
ME: Nope (Oh no, what's she going to ask me now?)
HER: Are you wanting to commit to someone?
ME: (oh great, another 17 year old that thinks I have dating issues) Sure, if the right situation came along, but I don't usually seek dating situations out. They usually just happen when the time is right.
HER: I have a friend I want to set you up with. He is ready to get married and is looking for a serious relationship right now.
ME: What's he like? (besides seemingly desperate)
HER: He has had lots of girlfriends, but they are all getting married, and he is really ready to settle down.
ME: (That really didn't describe him too well) What's his personality like? Is he going to school? Working? What does he look like?
HER: Well, I am not going to lie, he's not very attractive.
ME: (SOLD!) Well, I am usually up for set-ups or whatever, but you aren't really selling him too well.
HER: I'll try to get a picture for you.

Are you kidding me? I'll keep you in mind when I get desperate and lonely, but for the time being, I am doing great, thanks!


Paige said...

Oh that is so SAD! Not to mention ridiculous. Honestly, some people are just so silly, eh?

Rachel said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! Don't worry, Rach. If you get too desperate I can always pass on some of the winners that keep writing me on (refer to one of my earlier posts) OR any of the guys my GRANDPA sets me up with. You just let me know, k?

Alex (and Trevor!) said...

Oh dear... who was this? Sad I wasn't there to witness this! :)

iyouandme said...

Hahahahahaha. I'm pretty sure your entry just made my day. And love the picture. I was once approached by a friend asking me if he could set me up with one of his friends. When I asked him what made him think that we would go well together, he said "he's short too."

Ppl are dumb sometimes.

Rob and Juliann said...

AWESOME RACHEL! I'm speechless! What girl doesn't want an ugly guy??

Stephanie and Daniel said...

WOW Rachel that is a great story, at least she was honest? Thanks for the comment the other day. I promise one day you will have a sweet husband that will do sweet things for you! Miss you and Miss hanging out at Buckle.

Hayley (and Kyle) said...'re KIDDING! The guys I find you may be obsessed with their money, but at least they're attractive ;)

...So mine is not the stomach flu, it is yet another sinus infection for me. (The best part is I called the salon friday to cancel my appointments for saturday~ too contagious, and my clients did not seem to get that memo from the receptionist.... FAN-tastic.) But I catch everything, so I better stay away from Jamie!

I miss working with you!

Will said...

If I had a perfect, tall, charming, attractive friend - I wouldn't send him your way. The world needs Rachel's fun entries! JK - You know I would . . .

S.Ann said...

My dear sweet Rachel, this is G'ma Nebeker and I'm going to come across like a..well.a grandmother.Some of the greatest marriages that I've known have been couples that one of them was "lacking" in some way. Just remember that it's the heart that matters most. None the less your young friend lacked a bit in tact or something. And Rach if G'pa ever tries to set you up, run like the wind! Grandma Nebeker

Robie and Chelsea said...

That is just too funny!!! She should definitely not go into advertising with those selling skills! I wonder if she tells people she is helping at work that their butt looks big in those jeans? I mean, at least she is being honest...? hahaha!

lindsay lark said...

I so feel your pain.

Da Denninghoff's said...

I feel yah! Getting set up can be awkward at times, but sometimes they can be really fun to:)