Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Havasupai (have a sue pie)

I thought nothing was prettier than the Dominican Republic. I wasn't proved wrong, just shown another beautiful area. A group of 40 headed down to AZ to backpack down to Havasupai Falls (located on one of the forks off of the Grand Canyon) fourth of July weekend. They were gorgeous!

We hiked in at 3am to avoid the intense AZ heat. Eight miles into the hike we hit the Supai village. It's a remote Native American village two miles outside of the falls. They helicopter supplies in daily, and are a very humble tribe. The first little building we saw was an LDS church in a little double-wide trailer.

The best feeling was arriving to the falls at 7:30am. We quickly set up camp, and just as quickly layed down for a nap. We spent the three days hiking to different falls, eating MRE meals, trying to avoid the outhouses, bathing in the river, playing frisbee and volleyball, cliff-jumping (somehow I did it once and then wussed out), swimming, playing cards, etc....
On Sunday we hiked into church. Yes, I went to church in a swimsuit, hiking shoes, swim shorts and no make-up, a girl's camp flashback for sure! Some of the hikers knew we were going to attend church and managed to pack in church clothes. I felt okay about my attire for the day. The priests even wore swim shorts and polo shirts.

We hiked back to Navajo Falls and got into the water just in time for a thunder and lightening storm....not expected. We hid in a little wooded area until we felt we could make it back to camp. When we finally got back to camp we found our tent in a puddle and all of our stuff wet. Yuck! A decision was made and we hiked up to the village and helicoptered out. It was sad to leave a day early, but with the weather being so bad, we were ready.

I can't wait to go back next year! I will remember to bring fruit, a rain jacket, and courage to cliff jump more on my next Havasupai excursion. Thanks to the Conleys who planned this entire trip!

Me, Margo, & Rach at Havasu Falls

Climbing out of Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Hayley, Me, Margo, and Kristen in a cave at Navajo Falls

All done!


Carly and Todd said...

I was so excited to come across your blog! So great to see pictures of you. I miss you. You have had some fun adventures. Keep the pictures coming!

Dana said...

Yeah! You have a blog!! I'm so excited to hear all your stories!

Melissa & Dorian said...

I'm so glad you're a blogger! I love your pictures and your blogs already! SO good.

the man said...

Dang girl. First glad to see you have a blog, second, I'm jealous. We've always wanted to go to Havasupai! Sexy stuff!