Thursday, April 28, 2011

fifth and sixth week of life in pictures

An adorable first born + a picture happy new mom = too many pictures to post

Our poor children, who haven't joined us yet, probably won't have pictures of every moment of their first year. Lucky Charlie. Good thing he doesn't mind the camera in his face....yet.

Here is a summary of Charlie's past couple of weeks.

Ready to meet all of mom's old co-workers/salon friends.

The large picture is my favorite! Sean sings a little chant while rubbing his head, and Charlie smiles and coos each time. I wonder what he really thinks of us?
We have found that Charlie enjoys sitting in his bumbo. His first day in it was spent watching me fold clothes and dad filling out paperwork for employment possibilities. He has such great head/neck control.
He is lasting longer in his swing, but still unsure of it. When I put him in it I may have 25 minutes to get something done.
Charlie loves being naked. He still has his stubborn umbilical cord-- he may go to kindergarten with it. We're hoping it lets go soon, so that we can give him regular baths.
Dad's FAVORITE thing-- cuddling Charlie

Trying to get a little more sleep in. Dad was sneaky.

And yes, I am still learning with our new camera and editing tricks. I wish I could edit my double-chin away in the last photo, but oh well. I still like it.

This post definitely had grandparents in mind!


rjd said...

Wonderful pictures. I really like the cuddle time Mom and Dad are sneaking in....soon you won't be able to do that. hahahahaha
You all look Healthy and Happy!

Zinkand Family said...

love the pictures and you are so funny you don't have a double chin at all you look awsome! You are totally right by the way about pictures of the rest of your kids, I need to try and be good about that with this new baby!

Bre And Drew said...

LOVE all the pictures! It makes me feel so connected even though you're so far away. :) I love the ones of you two sleeping and cuddling with him.

Di said...

That's amazing that he spends 25 minutes in a swing! You are so lucky. He is adorable. I'm kinda hoping you'll move to Oregon. Ok really really really hoping. Oh and the double chin can be edited out. Kyle does mine all the time. If you need any tips he'll give you some. You look great!

Da Denninghoff's said...

look great Mama!

lisamarie21188 said...

So stinkin cute Rach. You and Sean make good looking kiddies:) Hope I get to see him next time you are in Utah!

Ashby's said...

Rachel I love reading your blog! You are so amazing and it just makes me so happy to see you so happy and how wonderful everything is for you!! I miss talking to you.. You are such an amazing person and I just loved being roommates with you! In about 21 years when your little guy gets home from his mission I want to set him up with my daughter who is just a few weeks older than him :) if that's ok. Your labor story made me cry so hard. I am so glad everything was ok! I thought I had a rough labor/delivery until I read that story. You're amazing and Charlie is so stinkin cute!!