Monday, May 2, 2011

a cause to celebrate

I think FINALLY losing one's umbilical cord (8 weeks later) is a cause to celebrate. Since celebrations aren't understood by the little dude, I'll celebrate by sending him in the shower with dad and posting, not of the shower, just of the little guy from the last couple of days.
I am silently celebrating Charlie's first nap in his bed. Hopefully we got it down. My arms miss him, but I'm going to celebrate by packing and showering-- yay! I think this will be the earliest shower I have had, when I don't have Sean's help. *Sidenote* I smell like spit-up.


Stephanie said...

He sure is cute! I love the first picture of him! Ya for getting in the shower before (hopefully) mid afternoon. :)

Brittany said...

Ya gotta love the smell of spit-up.

Paige said...

Congratulations on showering!!
He's really starting to look grown up...they really need to slow down.

The Way I See It said...

Smelling like spit-up is one thing, but how about eating it? Jason told us that after dinner one night, he was walking around holding Jack with one arm, while doing other things with his other free hand. At one point he noticed a streak of something white on his arm. Thinking it was Ranch dressing from dinner, he licked it. Ranch? Nope!

Cute pics by the way. Darling baby.