Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I went to Yellowstone with some of Sean's family. We canoed/kayaked 24 miles round-trip with all of our camping gear. We (Bruce, Jason, Rachel, Phillip, Brittany, Sean and myself) paddled across Lewis Lake up a river, against the current, and across Lake Shoshone to get to our camping site. We stayed for three nights and had a wonderful time.

My favorite part of the trip had to be when Brittany, Rachel, and I took the canoe out on the lake to fish. Even though each of us had been fishing before, we couldn't help shrieking each time we were reeling a fish in. I'm pretty sure we didn't only entertain ourselves. Once we got the fish in the boat Brittany took the paddle to the poor fish. She had to whack them each about three times. I have a week tummy and had to close my eyes and ears each time.

We also got to explore Geyser Basin. We may or may not have wandered off the trail... The geyser pools contained water that was around 300 degrees. One of the pools was large and a curious bison had walked into the warm water. It's bones have been there in that geyser since the Quigley boys were there 13 years ago.

On the way home we stopped at Old Faithful. On the way home we also counted our bug bites. I think Rachel was the winner with 40 or so just on her legs! If ever camping on Lake Shoshone, bring tons of bug repellent.

Thanks to all those that planned, it was a fun trip!


Phillip and Brittany on our way to Geyser Basin

Brittany and me

Sean and Phillip

Rachel, Brittany and me in front of Minute man (geyser that goes off every minute)

One of the hundreds of geyser pools we weren't supposed to be near...

Jason's hand next to a large wolf print at Geyser Basin

Aww Dad, look what you taught me!

Sean is convinced that if you speak to them in espanish they come into the boat without a fight

Rachel, Me, Sean, Phillip and Brittany

Paddling across Lake Shoshone

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Kendra Goodrich said...

Ahhh, makes me want to jump in the water and go fishing.