Sunday, July 26, 2009

There goes my backup!

Me: "Hey Dan, when I am 30 and single and you are 30 and single, I think we should get married."

Dan: "I think that would be a good idea. Maybe by that time I will know what I want to do with my life."

That was our conversation 2 years ago.... Backup plan it is. Nope, it isn't. Dan met a wonderful match for him and decided to take the plunge July 18th. It was so fun to be able to reunite with friends that I haven't seen in far too long! Thanks to Matt and Rachel Nichols, we had a house rented out to our large group of friends for the weekend. Rachel, Matt and I drove from Salt Lake up to Idaho Falls (we thought that was the temple they would be sealed in--turns out D.B. didn't know what he was talking about--they were sealed in the Rexburg temple). The first night Matt, Jennifer and Jason Neal, Mark, Juanita, Eve and Esther Denninghoff, Woods Woolwine, Matt and Rachel Nichols, and I stayed up telling funny stories about Dan. After the busy day of wedding bliss Todd, Carly and Zachary Hamilton joined us in the mad house for games and catching up. Even though I was never able to secure my rank as President in the game of Scum, it was a fun night that led to laughter, tears, and later the stomach flu.

I love reuniting with friends, especially when you can just pick up right where you left off! Thanks to all of you who made the trip, it was tons of fun!

Brody, the Neals, Dan, the Nichols and I at Dan and Ani's BBQ

Backup plan aborted

Daniel and Ani Brown

Don't get to see these girls often enough! Rachel-Me-Carly


Gretchen said...

So I was looking at your blog, and admiring how hott you look, and I told Dane to come over and see. He looks and says, "Hey, I served a mission with that girl(Jennifer)." It's a small world when you're Mormon. Hope you're doing well!

S.Ann said...

Another heartwarming and fun filled blog from our Rachel. I'm so grateful for a religion based life that brings such joy. Stomach flu is better than hangovers any day! Love, G'ma N.

Carly and Todd said...

100% agreed. Girl time much needed! Loved staying up late just chatting. Why do we have to all live so far away from each other. THANKS SO much for everything this weekend! Miss you already!