Monday, August 3, 2009


Some people might say I have them, especially when looking at these pictures.

Let me tell you what is right about these pictures.

*tall enough to give me confidence
*short enough to keep my ego from expanding
*pants don't drag
*pants don't look like they are expecting a flood
*the heel is thick enough that I don't wobble
*the heel isn't too thick, making me feel like I am walking on a brick

*the main reason I am in love
*they keep my foot in place
*there is no dragging of the shoes
*very helpful since my right foot is a half size larger than my left and I am forced to buy a size larger to compensate-- again, both feet stay comfortably in place.
*the strap doesn't have a buckle, it has a button that is user-friendly

*it isn't pointy (like a witch shoe), just nice and round
*Sean can't call them witch shoes
*Sean can't hum the wicked witch song to me when I am wearing them

*i can wear them with pants
*i can wear them with capris
*i can wear them with shorts
*i can wear them with skirts
*i can wear them with dresses

These reasons are why I have them in four colors: Chocolate, Red, Black, and Tan. It all started with the tan pair. I realized I was finding reasons to wear them constantly. I loved how I could wear them all day and not have throbbing feet, at work. They will work in the winter and the summer.

For these reasons I am in love and have no issues. Well, maybe a couple.


Juliann said...

Oh Rach. You are too funny.

Paige said...

Perhaps you should get an extra pair in each color for when they wear don't want to be unprepared.

I have a pair of black sandals that I love...if I found them in other colors I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Life's too short for imperfect shoes.

Nice pictures.

Kendra Goodrich said...

I think it's a smart thing to do. I do the same thing with cloths. Right now I have four of the vary same shirts in different colors.

Brittany Barnes said...

That has to be the best woman post of all time. You are so right and they are so cute! I am going to miss you!!!

Jill said...

All the same reasons I love my red ones...and am now seriously considering getting another pair! Darn you for adding fuel to my already crazy shoe addiction :)

Let's do another lunch date again soon! xoxo

Liz Morrill said...

These are the cutest shoes, I want a few pairs too!!! where did you get them????
love ya Rach,
keep us all posted on your big move

Kaela Cusack said...

i think what's even better is that you lined them up and posed them for the picture. love ya! ps-i do the same, but in black, brown, and yellow. gotta love the kitten heel.

ps. hair.

what will i do without you?!

Will said...

Obviously I'm late to this shoe party, but I'm in total agreement that you can never have enough of something great.