Thursday, October 4, 2012

Summer: the one with all of the sand

Towards the mid-end of summer we could be found walking funny, scratching our heads, and applying sunscreen. We lived at the beach for a week. Sand and sunburns could be found in tricky, hard-to-reach places on our bodies, and our scalps enjoyed the nice sand exfoliation treatment they received at no extra cost. We spent much needed quality time with loved family members. We laughed a lot, ate a LOT, watched fantastic olympic events A WHOLE LOT, and played even more than we should admit. It was a perfect family vacation that I would love to relive over and over again.

Pregnancy was at it's best. I was 20 weeks along. I was not too uncomfortable and not feeling sick anymore.  Excellent timing!

Here is our wonderful California week in pictures. Too many pictures.

This attractive seal could be found here daily. He mastered the art of boogy boarding while I mastered the art of toddler chasing down the beach.

Wendy made skim-boarding look like a breeze.

Finding the sharks at Sea World

Proof that I was there and had a key.

Rachel found a beach Romeo to play lacrosse with.

Sean and Josh basking in sand art.

Sean's daily wake up call. He loved the Charlie alarm.

Checking out the sea turtles with cousin Rachel.

Concentrating on the star fish he was staring at. I love how his eyes reflect that he's deep in thought...or maybe he's working on a number dos.

Sean needed an eye-poking sunglass-wearing lesson from the little pro.

A first for Charlie: riding a ride. He wasn't so sure about it and had a look of concern on his face the entire time.

The squeals that were heard around this kiddie splash pad, by Mr. Charles, were too much fun. Sean and I sat watching and laughing at how much he enjoyed splashing with the other kids.

Lady Emily wanted to find a comfy place to lay down at the beach. We decided to all pitch in and help her out. Poor thing was probably finding sand in every crevice possible.

Walking the pier in style. We saw dolphins at the end. San Clemente is behind the models.

Charlie's belly button, or 'butt' as he calls it, is his comfort. He was found all week with his finger in his belly button. He taught the group to find theirs as well and it was a successful lesson.

Charlie's little footprint. 'San Clemente, CA. Charlie 17 months'

Checking out the beach bodies....or birds.

Charlie's favorite this trip was a toss-up. It was either Emily or Uncle Jason. Both entertained him and he loved every minute!

Playing peek-a-boo in our closet. A daily game we played.

On our safari at Safari Park. It was a pretty cool experience to see all the wildlife in more realistic environments.

Finally a group shot! I only wish it was centered and a close-up. Oh well, thank you lady tourist.

Isn't the carousel for adults?

Finally we got to meet up with Meg, James, Linc, and Koby on the last day. We enjoyed more beach time, dinner and then CRASHED at our hotel. I desperately tried to stay awake to visit, but failed miserably.

Koby taught Charlie how to get a tan as well as build a sand castle.

It was too much fun! Can we go back please? I don't even think we were that relaxed on our honeymoon!

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