Sunday, June 3, 2012

We love visitors!

Today, at church, I felt homesick. This isn't a feeling I normally feel, let alone at church. In our ward there are several families that are interconnected. I keep discovering new connections between different ward members. Each time I see extended families all sitting together, I long to live near our families. If only we could get everyone in a small town somewhere.

In the past couple of months, we have had the pleasure of seeing several close family members. We have loved every minute of it and have always hated the goodbyes. 

In March, Sean's brother Jason and his wife, Wendy, came to stay with us for a night. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting around eating and playing games. They enjoyed seeing where Sean works and all that the farm life has to offer. After they left, I felt the lonely feelings that follow when you live in a cornfield far away from family.
Charlie loved playing with Uncle Jason!

In April, my sister-in-law, Eve, and her two children: Ethan and Ivy, came to visit. She drove down, all by herself, and even crossed a pass. They stayed for a few days. I loved having the company during the day and loved the security of someone sleeping on the other side of the house, close to Charlie (I HATE the set up of the house, for sleeping purposes. I don't like being so divided from my child). It always brings me comfort when someone is sleeping in the room next to him. Eve cooked wonderful Peruvian dinners! We were spoiled by all she did. I can't wait for them to come back again. 
Charlie kept going over to Ivy saying: "Hi. Hi. Hi." all the while petting her head. He loved her!

We got a surprise call from one of my favorite aunts, in mid-April, saying that she and her family were driving through and wanted to swing by for a visit. I instantly begged them to stay for dinner and games. This is why I have to run-- always eating and sitting! We loved having each member of their family here, squished around our small dinner table. As their van pulled away, I was looking forward to the next family encounter.

We got to spend the next weekend with my parents (post below). We loved seeing them!

At the end of April, we were the visitors. We went to Utah and visited lots of family. Have I mentioned how much I L-O-V-E family? (This trip is deserving a post of it's own, so that's all you're going to get for now) I was homesick for Utah the minute our plane departed, carrying us back to our cornfield.

An opportunity popped up to head over to visit friends and my side of the family. We were able to see my parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephews, and lots of friends. We packed the activities in. It was fun to be able to spend Mother's Day with my mother. The whole drive home I was begging Sean to move closer to family.

The end of May we were able to visit Portland (this trip will also have a post of it's own). Again, we were the visitors. We spent time visiting with friends, Sean's brother, his wife, and daughter. Charlie and Lacey are 7ish weeks apart and I love watching them play together. I love that they recognize one another. 

I love talking with my mother, mother-in-law, sisters and sister-in-laws. They are built-in best friends. I love joking with the dads, brothers and brothers-in-law. I love watching Charlie with all of his cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. I scored in the family department! I couldn't imagine life without one of them in it. 

I hope that one day we can be within an hour of some family....someday. 

For now, we are happy and know that this is where we need to be. Bummer, I hate when what you want isn't necessarily what you need. We are a strong family of three. Being on our own has helped us create new traditions and has really helped us strengthen our relationships with one another. Living in a cornfield has its perks too: Charlie loves digging in mud, mom learns how to get out tough stains, dad enjoys watering and planting his own garden, and the harvest season is going to bring great canning, jamming, dehydrating, and cooking opportunities. We also have made wonderful friends here, and would be sad to say goodbye. Thankfully we aren't leaving.....just yet.

There's always a bright side; even when you live in a cornfield. 

Proof of the bright side:
A favorite for both the father and son. (the field behind is actually wheat, not corn.)

One of Sean's favorite people, Ryan Kanelly, helped him rototill and plant our makeshift garden. We will be eating corn and potatoes for days and days. 

Charlie loves finding my jewelry. He wears it around the house and is sad when he can't wear it to the grocery store.

figuring out how to wear a hat

He loves water and cups. It was a challenge to get him to drink milk from a sippy.

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