Sunday, May 20, 2012

The race that sent me into retirement.

This marathon was the hardest, least rewarding, most painful, hot, and most boring race that I have EVER run. (but I'll probably train for another one next year....)

Here are the reasons why I did not like this race:
1. We had to run laps. Two and a half laps. The hardest part about running the laps were the signs. I passed the five mile sign that also said that it was mile 15 and mile 25. It depressed me because I had to pass that place two more times.
2. It was an exposed course and the sun was hot that day. I left with a medal around my neck and some pretty terrible sunburn lines.
3. I was sooooo bored! I made a pretty good racing playlist and downloaded it onto my shuffle. I wouldn't let myself listen to any of the music I had downloaded until I ran in the race. At the starting line I placed my headphones in and turned my music on. I heard nothing. The shuffle decided not to function. Great!
4. I ran incorrectly. My posture was completely off. I had a shooting pain in my knee that began in mile 18. I had to walk ten steps and run ten steps. When your goal is to not walk at all, this kills your goal.
5. We dressed incorrectly. We trained in cotton layers, but we trained through the cold winter. The race was a whole lot warmer than we were prepared for. I can't speak for Sean, but I definitely won't wear cotton next time.

The good that came from this race:
1. I spent Saturdays training with my husband and son. We got to set and meet goals weekly and felt very accomplished. It was a great bonding experience as a family.
2. It was more motivating having cheerleaders at the finish line. I have never had this much of a crowd to cheer me on, and I loved it! Sean and Charlie met me as I rounded my last corner. The minute Charlie reached out for me, I started getting teary. I crossed the finish line with tears in my eyes (never done that before). My parents, friends from our ward, and my uncle were also there to cheer me on. It was wonderful!
3. At mile 21 I felt I could continue no longer, from the pain, and had to plead with Heavenly Father to give me the strength to finish. By mile 22 I had a biker come up behind me. The biker was my uncle, and he rode the rest of the way in with me. He talked with me and distracted me from the pain, boredom, and fatigue. I don't know if he quite understands how much that pushed me. I was truly grateful!
4. I completed a goal. Getting through the winter, in a small country town, was more challenging than I anticipated. Having to get out and run four times a week, made the winter more bearable, and even enjoyable.

I really won't go into permanent retirement. I can't sit still. I will run again.

I will run to support my brother-in-law's charity for abused children (specifically sexually abused children) called Run For Innocence. I will run to set and meet a goal, with my husband. I will run to stay healthy and in shape. I will run to teach my children the values of achieving goals. I will run for therapy. I will run for me.

Until next time.....
The lovely out-of-bed photo

Waiting patiently

Love this shot of Sean- shows lots of hard work

Our friend, Jory, finished the half, and was there to cheer us over the finish line.

Charlie loved having his dad back. Sean was a little out of it, trying to catch his breath and process what had just happened.

My uncle crossing on his bike and me coming over the bridge.

It's amazing what your body does when you run like this. Sean had a white sweat river that dried on the side of his face.

The race workers escorted me right into the first aid tent to ice my knee. The girl sitting next to me, Francys, kept me company as we were both in pain and hobbling. She happened to be LDS also.

The finishers: Jory, myself, and Sean. (and of course, Charlie)


Jamie said...

Rachael, you are amazing. I don't know if I am ever going to do a marathon. I love running...but I don't know if I would still love it if I ran that far! Congrats! I miss you guys. And btw, Charlie is so stinkin cute!

rjd said...

I'll do it again.....watching at the finish line-hahahaha It was amazing to see you two running that far. And exciting to see Sean place in his division (not bad for a first timer) Charlie has Great parents :)

jessH said...

Good for you! You're awesome. Sounds like my worse nightmare. haha

Shawna and David said...

What race was it? Good job for finishing... and even having the goal to run a marathon!

Danae said...

I have to say, having the goal of running a marathon and completing it sounds amazing to me! Great job!