Saturday, July 7, 2012

Mom's Notes: Charlie the toddler (14-16 months)

As I look at my blog and then to my toddler I realize that I am missing out on documenting several cute things he does. I only hope that as I sit here typing, I can remember those cute things.

I'll start with some easy stuff. He LOVES being outside in the sandbox, swimming pool, grass pile (yes, dried grass clippings lure him in), at the park, taking walks through the cemetery, hiking, camping, and anything with dad (watering the garden, mowing the lawn, and washing the car).

*side story #1* Sean decided to go out to mow the lawn while grandma Joanie was inside, with Charlie, playing toys. Charlie heard the lawn mower and started freaking out. Grandma took Charlie outside to see what Sean was doing. He immediately wanted to be put in the backpack to help Sean and started yelling at him, in his broken baby babble, for mowing the lawn without him. Looks like it will be a father/son chore until Sean's back says no.
Back to what he loves: books, grapes, eggs, treats, sneaking into my bag to get gum, his grandpas, bubbles, pulling everything out of drawers, being independent, cars, trains, airplanes, dogs, cats, sitting in the driver's seat, and attention.

*side story #2* I had to stop at Safeway to get a few things, and put Charlie in a car cart. That was the most peaceful shopping experience I have had. He was so quiet and just kept his hands on the steering wheel. When I had to take him out and put him in his car seat, you would've thought he was getting ten shots. He threw the biggest tantrum. So big that he almost wiggled out of my arms. I had to set all the shopping bags down just to get a better grip on him.

He HATES getting put into his car seat (which cuts my errand running down significantly) and sharing cars.
Charlie and Lacey played so well together on our trip to Oregon.....until she wanted to get in and have a ride. Thankfully Lacey is so sweet and forgiving. As parents we realized it's time for a crash-course in sharing.
Charlie is a talker. The words we've audibly heard and have been able to decipher are: GO!(whenever he wants to go outside this word is on repeat), mommy, daddy, dada, mama, mopa (grandpa), mayma (grandma), dog, puppy, choo (juice/water/milk/sippy cup), Ryder 'wyer' (yelled it at his cousin, Ryder's, baseball game), please (signs and says), more (signs and says), where'd it go (sounds more like 'ordigo'), poo, all done (signs), NO!, uh-oh, weeeee, whoa, yay, ball, hot (he'll say hot and then blow on what is hot), hello, hi, hello buddy (he said this the other day, while patting a little boy's back), swing ('wing'), bubble, turtle, yuck, cracker, and bye bye.

His day is a full one. We wake up, drop Sean off at work, take a walk with friends, visit a park/go to the library/visit friends, come home and do chores, eat lunch, read books, take a nap (anywhere from 2-3 hours long), play inside or outside, pick up Sean, follow Sean around the house outside or inside, eat dinner, play, bathtime, bedtime routine (brush teeth, books, sing, pray, rock), and finally go to bed. He sleeps from 8:30-7:30. He'd sleep longer, but we have to wake him to drive Sean to work. Hopefully one day we'll have a second car...... dream on, Rachel.

We are taking him to nursery now so that he'll adjust by the time he's 18 months (hopefully).

We love him more than we thought we could, and can't imagine how boring life would be without him.

Sean has said, on more than one occasion, that he just doesn't want him to get any bigger. He loves Charlie's hugs, cuddles, babbling, and that he's his little shadow.

*side story* Charlie loves the hymn books at church. As we sing he needs his own book. He'll sing his own songs along with us as he waves his arms, trying to follow the chorister. The other night he found a hymn book on our bookshelf. He picked it up and handed it to Sean. Charlie turned the pages until he stopped on a song. He then began to wave his arms about, to lead Sean. Sean started singing the song. When it was done Charlie turned to another song and proceeded to lead. This went on for half an hour and until we were rolling in laughter.

He said 'uh-oh' after he spilled the cereal's remains onto the floor, and then started munching away.

Kissing cousins. Maybe we should stop encouraging and taking pictures of this.

Hiking to Punch Bowl Falls, in OR.

Punch Bowl Falls

Picking up rocks to throw into the water.

Loving the slide at the park

Charlie has such a wonderful father.

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