Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We had Thanksgiving with Sean's family this year. We enjoy spending time with them, and wish we lived a little closer.

I think this post was neglected because the day after we came home we had mice (plural-- four to be exact). We got rid of the mice and then problem numero dos crept in. Sean had a lump in his arm. We met with a surgeon, I was in a puddle of tears for a week and a half, lump was extracted, lump seems harmless and benign, and the Thanksgiving post was lost.

The start of the trip wasn't the most wonderful, but it had to happen. I got pulled over. Well, I got my first speeding ticket. Oops! We were on the way to the airport and I got caught in a speeding trap after I had climbed a hill and was descending. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Thanksgiving was wonderful for various reasons. It's ALWAYS wonderful being with family, either mine or his. The food looked as amazing as it tasted! It was especially fun this year to watch the babies, Lacey and Charlie, play. They are only seven weeks apart and are doing similar things. They were babbling in baby talk the whole trip-- that was my VERY favorite part! I am a big fan of the baby babbling!

Post-bath picture cause we forgot the before picture. Their bums are pinchable, but we'll leave the viewing to us.

They were crawling and pulling themselves up on everything. Poor Charlie had daily bruises from falling and bonking his head. He has learned how to land safely now.

The dads (brothers and best friends) cheered the babies on as they climbed all the way up the stairs, for the first time.

Playing with the 'motorcycle'. Always next to each other playing.

Sean's oldest brother (also best friend) and his beautiful family, at the lights on Temple Square. It was freezing, but beautiful.

We did get in a hike, party night at my sister's place, shopping, pedicures, eating, and Temple Square with siblings, brothers and sister-in-law, nieces, nephews, and cousins. We had quite the group.

I am pretty sure the baby babbling was all about how Charlie is supposed to hook Lacey up with his friends and vice versa, when they get to be 25, of course.

I love holidays! I love family!

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Will said...

Kristin had to point it out to me, but the "clothes" in the bath shot were an excellent touch.