Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dress-up for men

Oh Sean. He's goofy. He's fun. He's smart. He's hard-working. He's handsome. He's entertaining. He's a wicked mullet-grower. He's mine.

For Christmas this year, we all gathered at the DeFreese household. Sean thought it would be funny for the guys to grow out/cut their hair into mullets. I was used to dress-up, I grew up with an older brother (who laughed at dress-up) and three sisters who were constantly dressing up. Sean, James, and Shane brought dress-up to a whole new level. Not only did I keep cutting just the sides of Sean's hair (for 4 months), but I flat ironed the back. It was wonderfully hideous!

Here are some of the 'additions' to the family, in their finest. They go by 'The Mullettes'.

Looking for an album cover for this righteous boy band....

And now for the head shots....

Man oh man am I a lucky woman!

Emily's heart throb

Megan has the privilege of being married to the trendy mullette. I believe this style can be seen across the country, in various cities.

An album's not complete without a jumping shot.

please excuse the gift wrapping in the back
The wives lived Happily Ever After the haircuts/shave.


Danae said...

I would totally buy their cd. :)

Jenni said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Best blog post I've read in a while. Thanks for that.

James said...

Good times :)

Carly said...

SICK! Love it--you guys are hilarious!