Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Checklist

1. Wake up to Charlie wanting to get out of his crib.
2. Roll over and wish there was a snooze button.
3. Don't fight Sean as he says he'll get up and get Charlie.
4. Have Charlie crawl all over us, in bed, which gets us up and moving.
5. Sean showers as I get breakfast going.
6. Eat breakfast
7. Lay Charlie's clothes out (so he doesn't end up in something completely mismatched), and the two of us (Charlie and me) jump into the shower.
8. Sean gets Charlie ready as I get ready.
9. Nurse Charlie
10. Pack bags (diaper and lesson) and load them into car.
11. Quickly get my clothes on.
12. Try taking new routes to church that have fewer traffic lights (cause we are late).

Today we needed to add a couple more items to the list.

13. Turn bright red as a kind soul wanders up to the front of the chapel to tell your husband that his wife's shirt was on inside out.
14. Run out of the chapel, bright red, to switch clothes around.
15. Thank kind soul on my way back up to sit with my family.

And that was a fourth of our day. Thankfully the last half included pajamas (which were put on correctly), naps, and good food!

We need a full length mirror. Today proved that!

(I had a couple other people tell me that they saw my shirt on inside out, but weren't brave enough to come up and let me know)


Jenni said...

Oh my goodness. That is too funny. That has happened to me before. Mostly it's the garments being put on inside out- whoops. Good thing nobody can see that :)

Paige said...

That is so funny!! And embarrassing, but of course every other mom there was thinking "been there, done that" with something similar at least.

Jeana said...

Having kids in my bed in the morning helps me get out of bed too. They're so wiggly. =)

Jamie said...

nice. I love that I am not the only one to do stuff like that! :)

Danae said...

At least you made it to sacrament meeting. Ryan was still trying to get our new dishwasher up and running when sacrament mtg started.

I want a full length mirror too.

rjd said...

Do you know how many kids can fit in a "King size" bed? All 5 of you...I kinda miss those days :)

Bre And Drew said...

Oh gosh that is funny. Good thing someone was brave enough to tell you so you didn't have to go the whole day like that though! Also I'm glad you tried the "Hands Tied" idea and loved it. I'll keep sharing activities from that book of mine, it's got some cute stuff in there that I'm excited to try!