Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Since becoming our own family, Sean and I have set lots of goals and talked a lot about the future. We are frequently discussing when we should plan for the next family member to join us (not really in that driver's seat), where we want to be in the next ten years: financially, physically, spiritually, and pretty much anything else that you can add a 'ly' to, what we want to have our house look like, how we are going to have to get a larger car, what we should be teaching our children, family vacations to take, and yada yada......

I enjoy the moments we can discuss what we want to teach our children. If our children are like me, they won't be easily teachable without learning on their own, but if they are like Sean (which I pray often for them to be) they will come down knowing what to do or not do.

This week we have come across two of our biggest pet peeves that we hope to have our children catch on to.

Lesson #1: Do not litter. Sean loves to go hiking-- the mountains are his jungle gym. Each time he comes home from a hike, he heads to the trash and empties out his pocket or backpack with the litter he has collected along the trail.

Lesson #2: Put your shopping cart in the cart holder and not against someone else's car. This one KILLS me! I had a job once that required me to collect carts and I was always so annoyed that there were carts left right next to the cart holder.

Enough of my irritating, self-righteous rant.

As family has been on my mind a TON lately, I have realized that I don't have nearly enough answers, as to how to raise them. I did find a quote that hit me with a punch and realized I would try my hardest to keep this from happening.

"If the family breaks down, everything breaks down"


Bre And Drew said...

I can't ever see your family breaking down. You guys are rooted in the gospel and center your lives around that, and eachother. Everything else will work out. :) I hope to be as good a wife and mother someday as you are.

Malerie said...

For Madeline's bedspread, I basically just sewed a ton of ruffles on top of an old duvet cover. Here were some inspiration pics/tutorials/links:

If you want to make a duvet cover

Rufffled duvet

Anthropologie inspired

West Elm look-alike

another Anthro inspired one

My inspiration for Madeline's

Have fun!

Malerie said...

Sorry for taking over your blog comments with my long replies :) Here are a couple of tutorials on how to make ruffles (in case you need them)