Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 Month Firsts

Height: 25" (49%) Weight: 12.15 lbs (10%) Head: 16.75" (54%)

This month has been full of firsts. My how they grow!

*First time Charlie got two shots at the same time from two different nurses (kind of reminded me of getting your ears pierced).

*First 15 hour road trip

*First time I played single mom for a week (helps me realize how much I love Sean)

*First poop and pee combo without the diaper (fun mess)

*First taste of watermelon

*First toe/foot grab (he now grabs at his feet while rolling over)

*First signs of crawling (when he's doing tummy time he gets up on his knees and rocks)

*First growth spurt that's affected his sleep at night

*First signs of teething (clenching his gums, chewing on anything, fussy nights)

and a few more firsts........


Jenni said...

where did you get that teething ice thing? I soooooo need one of those for Taylor! I can't believe your little guy is already up on his knees rocking. Taylor only just started doing that this past month. But it's probably because he's gotten by on just scooting around on his bum since he was 6 months old :) He's a little behind schedule haha.

Helena said...

I love the Baby Einstein trance.