Thursday, July 7, 2011

Where did June go?

I think June is the busiest month of every year. I am always behind with blogging June posts. Oh well.

What have we done? I would say 'a little of this and a little of that,' but that's not the case. We've done 'a lot of this and a lot of that!'

For starters, we moved across country-- what a task! I thought moving with a baby would be simple. I thought he'd sleep and I'd pack, clean, and make other preparations. I have found that not a whole lot is 'simple' with a baby. With the help of family and friends, everything got packed and cleaned. It was hard to say goodbye to our life in Pittsburgh, but exciting to head in the opposite direction to be with family and other friends.

Since packing for the move, this is what our life has consisted of:
One last birthday dinner with the 4th year dental wives. It was so much fun to be admitted into the dental wife sorority when I moved to Pittsburgh! (l-r: Elise, Becky, Amber, Tiffany, me, Charlie)
A goodbye fondue party with Pittsburgh's finest. These two are on the 'I'll miss you the most' list. (Natalie, Kerri, and me)
A 'goodbye 4th years' potluck was thrown. A good majority of the thirty something lds dental students, as well as their spouses and children, were able to attend. Elise and I had these boys on the same day, a few doors down from one another. Charlie and Ethan.

Charlie, Grandma Joanie, and I flew while Sean and Grandpa Bruce drove across the country. Charlie was so happy to have his dad and grandpa arrive that he kept sucking on our wrists/hands/fingers/arms/shoulders-- well, anything he could get his mouth on....

Charlie was happy to meet cousin Lacey (she is 7 weeks older)

We got to be around for cousin Lincoln's arrival (born May 26-- 2 months and 3 weeks younger than Charlie)
We went on a few hikes until my left butt cheek freaked out on me and sent me to the Physical Therapist.
Had family bonding time at Simon's soccer game.
Had lots of fun sister time.
Charlie and I watched as these yay-hoos scaled climb after climb. Uncle Shane and Aunt Emily are in their element at the 'Quarry'. Thanks to them, Sean got to join in the fun.
Charlie made sure that Grandma Joanie was not lonely during her cookie making.
Lacey and Charlie spent quality time cheering their dad's on as they ran around throwing and catching the 'disc' in their ultimate games.
We all got to shower Emily-- with all of our clothes on.
We got to visit with Great-Grandma DeFreese in her lovely home.

I got the privilege of doing the bride's hair not once, but three times, for the wedding.
We had fun celebrating all of the wedding festivities for Shane and Em.
We worked on getting out tough stains-- a few times.
Sean taught Charlie how to swim.
For Father's Day we had double baby blessings-- Charlie's and Lincoln's.
Grandpa Randy took us to the secret pond to catch some fish.

We took a ferry to check out a possible practice for Sean.
Matt and cousin Ryder taught Sean how to skimboard.

And Sean got the hang of it!

Cousins Ethan, Ryder, and Eli playing peek-a-boo with Charlie

Dad showed us a beautiful trail on Lake Whatcom that we enjoyed hiking down.

But mostly, we've just been kissing these two cheeks until they are raw!
We've also sold and bought a car, been living with both sets of parents, visiting friends, spent time at Grandma and Grandpa Nebeker's on the 4th, watched an alpaca be born, hopped from ward to ward, and have been  taking several road trips to see different practices!


rjd said...

It's been a "Ton of Fun" for us as well!

Jill said...

Loved the update! Charlie is getting so big!

Bre And Drew said...

wow! What a crazy month, I can only imagine how many different emotions are attached to each one of those pictures. :) Good luck to you guys as sean is looking for a practice!

Ashley C. said...

Wow, busy, busy! I've been thinking about you and wondering where you will end up. Good luck finding a practice for Sean. Lorenzo just flew into and out of Pittsburgh ( I think that's why I was thinking about you) last week for a job interview in Morgantown, WV. That's where we'll be moving. I guess we're moving a little too late, since you're already gone! It would have been so fun to meet up.

Jessica said...

Wait, so are you living in Washington then? Is that what I am gathering... Cause you so have a client if you are still cutting hair. Seriously , this post may have just made my day. Do you know how bad the hair stylists are here ( unless you wanna pay beyond an arm and a leg)?