Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 Months

We are having lots of fun with all of Charlie's new developments. He chomps/sucks away on his left fist/thumb. While he is busy salivating all over his hand, he grabs the back of his head/hair with his right hand. While the thumb-sucking is cute, Sean worries and tries to slide his binky in as he so carefully pulls his hand out. He fears that his children will have open-bites, whereas I fear our children will find scissors and sport some killer 'dos'.

At two months Charlie's stats are: 11.6 lbs (23%), 22 3/4 inches long (32%), and has a head that is 39 cm (41%). Looks like he'll be on the front row in class pictures like his mom.

He LOVES when we read to him. He coos the whole time and stares at the pictures. I may be slightly obsessed with children's books, and his collection may be growing quickly. (thank you scholastic for having a large warehouse sale!)

He sleeps really well at night (8-9 1/2 hrs, wakes up to eat, goes back to sleep for 2). He cat naps during the day. I am lucky if he is asleep for 45 minutes.

95% of the people who see him say he looks just like Sean. 4% say he looks like a good mix of the two of us. A whopping 1% will say he looks like me....

During the past couple of weeks, we've packed up our house, I gave a mother's day 'cry' at church (It would've been a talk, but was pretty much just crying) sold our car, and said too many good-byes.

Still not super attached to the binky, but getting there
His eyes are pretty blue and he favors his left hand, but you never know....
It's too warm for sleeves and pants these days, he sweats a ton when he wears them.
Charlie loves laying on the ground and kicking.


Bre And Drew said...

Love the mothers day shot. Happy late mothers day to you!

Jeana said...

I love seeing updates of Charlie! Are you going to be coming into town soon so I can meet him in person?

Brittany said...

wow what a good sleeper! he is so cute.

Sara Lou said...

Charlie is such a handsome kid!