Saturday, February 12, 2011

A letter to John Mayer at 38 weeks

Dear Mr. Mayer,

I think as you were writing the lyrics to 'Your Body is a Wonderland' you forgot a few adjectives. Since I think this title is all about me, I'll tell you what adjectives were left out. They are: swollen, stretched, tight, translucent, water-retaining, aching, cramping, gassy, contracting, sleep deprived, and soon-to-be saggy and sore.

So, to sum it up, next time you sing 'Your Body is a Wonderland', will you add a couple of them in, or maybe all of them? I think this sounds good 'Your body is a swollen, stretched, tight, translucent, water-retaining, aching, cramping, gassy, contracting, sleep deprived, and soon-to-be saggy and sore wonderland.'

I think your sales just went through the roof.

Much appreciated.

At 38 weeks we are getting more excited for the sleepover that we will be having shortly at the hospital. We have our favorite pjs picked out, movies, and are prepared to stay up and laugh and cry at this all-nighter.

Pregnancy Stats:

-weight gain: 21 lbs
-contractions: irregular, but regular when I walk, still just Braxton Hicks, and uncomfortable
-dialated to a 0
-effaced to a 0
-haven't dropped
-position: little bum on my left side, feet on my right and in my ribs, head toward the bottom
-mental preparation: ready, but enjoying the last little bit of time to sleep when I want, work on projects, and spend time with just Sean. I am also loving watching my body do what it is meant to do. I am surprised, but not, that it works so perfectly and knows just how to handle all of this.
-things I enjoy: baths, watching Lost, visiting friends, CHOCOLATE, juice, foot massages from Eu De Sean, finishing projects, staring at his little wardrobe and prepared cradle, knitting (I feel I aged by 20+ years) his little blanket, doing hair at my leisure, going to institute, parenting class, thrift store shopping, and having Sean around more that his school load is lightening.

We are getting excited!


Bryan and Jamie said...

ah Rachel. You make me laugh! I am just picturing John Mayer singing the song like that. It is for sure a best seller.
You are too cute! And you look great! I can't wait for your little guy to come either! (Probably not as much as you though...)

marie said...

yeah! look at you, you look amazing! I'm so excited for you guys to soon meet your little guy! love ya!

The Way I See It said...

I am SO excited for you Rachel (and Sean too). Enjoy every minute of your time now, and every minute after this little guy's birth. It's all an amazingly, beautiful miracle. You will be amazed at how much your heart grows, and how much it hurts with more love than you ever thought possible.

Liz said...

I'm so excited for you two. But seriously, are you sure that isn't a basketball you have tucked under that shirt. You are adorable (even in your swollen, stretched, etc wonderland). Can't wait to meet the little guy.

Brittany said...

your belly looks so tight!! so excited for you! you look great!

Lisa and Rustin said...

YAY!!!! You look amazing Rachel! I can't wait for your new arrival!

Just the Seven of Us said...

Rachel, congratulations you finally look pregnant! Can't wait (I'm sure you too!)!

Jessica said...

OMyGosh, you are so close. So excited for you and can't wait to see your beautiful baby. You know how in your ealier posts you were saying you were feeling more big than normal, ummm hello, your stats are only 21 lb. weight gain....all I have to say is, "You go girl!!!!"