Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HIS and HERS Crafts and Talents

We have been busy "nesting" lately. We've been developing talents, or just pulling them out from under our bushels, since December. Aside from elevating swollen ankles, attending to an always squeezed bladder, doctor's appointments, visiting Babies R Us, and playing the 'hot then cold then hot then cold' game each night, we've not been spending much time sitting and relaxing.

Here we are, pulled out from under the bushel:
making gingerbread houses from scratch
Studying for N.E.R.B.S. and Boards, while sleeping. I hope our child inherits his father's multi-tasking abilities. (both tests were passed- yay Sean!)
Again with the multi-tasking-- scratching his back and warming up for the ward basketball game.

This picture is my favorite, but Sean may kill me. He was trying to distract the guy who was guarding him by pulling crazy moves... I think what I really love about this picture is Darren's (guy in green) expression.
Sean's busiest 'craft' these days has been waxing and preparing full dentures and r.p.d.s (removable partial dentures)
I don't know why, but I like going to the lab with him and watching the whole denture-making process.

At 30 weeks pregnant, my co-workers wanted to see if I could do the Limbo. Even with my center of gravity shifted, wearing a dress and heels, I was able to prove myself. My work Christmas party was as hilarious as last year.

My December craftiness began with this cake. I decided to see what adult Play-Doh was all about. I must say that I enjoyed making this fondant cake and look forward to making a second one sometime in the future. I hope to take an actual class when we get settled in our new place.
December continued to give in the crafty department. My patient mother spent her Christmas break teaching Brittany and me how to make our carseat covers. I love how it turned out!
My mother taught me how to applique too. I love how this onesie turned out, and I can't wait to see a little body in it.
My most recent project. Started and finished in one day, which I usually can never do because I am easily distracted.

Other ways we have been "nesting" are:

*We packed all the extra stuff that we don't need, until after the move, down in the basement.
*We washed, folded, and put away all of the little guy's clothes, blankets, towels, washcloths, etc.....
*Dinners are being put into the freezer
*Bathroom has been scrubbed
*Hair appointments have been steady
*LOST has been watched
*Cankles have been resting on pillows to decrease the swelling
*While cankles have been resting, two more projects have been put in the works.
*We have been busily working for the military this month, and are scheduled for the next two Saturdays and Sundays.
*Parenting classes have been attended, as well as institute
*And last, but not least: I was released from being the Sunbeam teacher, and experienced withdrawls this last week as I sat in Gospel Doctrine. Primary is so much fun!

Here's to finding things to do for the next 4ish weeks!

Oh, and how can I forget that I have been hanging out with Superman's father?! Thanks to this blog post, which reminded me. Megan and James' blog


James said...

Thank you for posting that picture... I now have no dignity left. But I guess I didn't have much to begin with. We miss you guys and are excited to see you in a few months!

Bryan and Jamie said...

wow.. You are super busy. And super crafty! I love the picture frames. They look awesome. I hope you swollen ankles go down soon!

The Way I See It said...

I love your posts. I love the picture frames. I love how YOU love to watch your husband making dentures. I'm sorry about the swollen ankles. You do sound happy, and that makes me happy.

Brittany Barnes said...

Rachel. I am soooooooooo sad I didn't get to give you a big hug and that sweet baby of yours you are hiding in your belly! Congratulations lady, you and your man are going to be the best parents ever. I am so happy for you and all the fun blessings that are coming your way! I miss my hair stylist by the way.........you are the best!