Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hump week

20 weeks down! I can't believe I am halfway through carrying this little guy. He moves often. I smile when I feel him kick, punch, roll, head-but(t) and do somersaults. I get the hiccups and burps all the time (yuck), and can't wait to feel his little body hiccup inside me. I am ALWAYS guaranteed a punch/kick when I lean up to the shampoo bowl to wash a client's head of hair. It is a pretty immediate, and always welcomed, response.

My 20 week appointment was great. As always, I was anxious to hear his little heartbeat. My midwife (hopefully we'll be with an OB next visit) told me she was a bit concerned with my weight gain, or lack thereof. I have gained five pounds- total. Food doesn't appeal to me like it used to, so I eat when I am hungry-- which I thought was often, but apparently I need to be shoving more food in. I don't crave sweets like I did five months ago, and instead will opt for anything with salt. Sometimes I think Sean should wear a salt lick around his neck. I am thirsty all the time-- no surprise, due to my increased sodium desire. I wake up often in the middle of the night; partly due to a squashed bladder and the other part due to an unquenched, never-ending thirst.

I have stopped worrying about the small things, because the doctor midwife was pleased with his measurements from the ultrasound. He is a good-sized baby (hopefully that doesn't mean a 10 pounder).

I have fallen in love with all things baby related. Baby clothes; I am grounded from shopping for them (unless they are on sale-- a really really good sale), until after the shower. The babies and small children toddling around at church make me anxious for all the fun stages ahead. Holding babies; although, at first I was worried that if I held other people's I wouldn't want to hold my own. Baby's/Children's books; my secret desire is to have a room with shelves and shelves of books-- the secret desire, attached to this one, is that the books will collect zero dust.

Sean has been preparing for this little guy in a different way. He has been busily working with the young men and swimming in tooth-filled requirements/tests at school. Congratulations to him for finishing and PASSING the first part, the drilling portion, of his LAST test. WOOHOO!!! Yay Dr. Sean!
Handsome 4th year
Needless to say we are super excited to become parents. Here is my 20 week belly shot. The black doesn't really show much, but what I think it shows is that I have evened out. For that, I am grateful.
What? I thought you had to dress up for hump day photos? No?

Last night I was able to attend a very fun and very creative girl's night. We all arrived dressed as witches and weren't disappointed with the company, food, decor, costumes, games, and hostesses. If only I was this creative.
Jamie, Natalie, me and Jessica

Yummy dinner

Game #1-- Mummy wrapping
Game #2 was Mafia- witch style. We were burnt at the stake.

Game #3-- Pumpkin bowling. I got a strike and won a prize- laxative pills. Thank you, Helena! You really shouldn't have.

Hello Martha Stuart Amber Warner. These were beautiful and delicious!
Our brew: Bat juice and Vampire Blood.

The dental wives witches: Alex, Amber, Jamie, me, Janel, Natalie, Lisa, Marie, Cybill, Tammy, Kaylene, Kimmi, Corrie, Helena, Jessica, and Kelly

The after party was just as good as the party. I love girl's nights. Thanks Amber and Helena!


Megan and Mike said...

you look sooo cute! ruthie was 9lbs 13 oz!!! thats a big baby, but bigger babies are usually happier... they eat more so they are full longer and sleep longer... so hey if he is big that can be a great thing... well great after you heal hahaha

Carly said...

Number one: So glad you are feeling more calm about the pregnancy and that all is going so well!
Number two: You are the HOTTEST pregnant lady!
Number three: That is the cutest halloween party EVER.
Number four: Congrats to Sean.
Number five: I miss you.

Ali or Mike said...

You really are the cutest pregnant woman ever. My thought on the dusty books is that if you use them enough they wont get dusty! Make sure they're at ground level and they'll get used.

Will said...

My little 4lbs 14 oz baby wanted to you to know that little babies can sleep fine too so nothing to worry about!

Helena said...

You are welcome :)

erika herman said...

You look awesome! So cute and only five pounds. Are you kidding me?!! That is just depressing.

Elise said...

Your baby bump is so cute! Yay for shopping for boy things!! Looks like you girls had a blast:)

The Way I See It said...

What a fun party, and I must look dang cute!

Da Denninghoff's said...

What a fun gathering! Congratulations on hump day:)