Wednesday, October 6, 2010

18 weeks

This week was a HUGE one! Not only did we find out that we are having a BOY, but we toured Pittsburgh, Boston, and Maine. Each of the places we spent time in, were beautiful, but I still can't help the fact that I love the west. I hope to be narrowing the geographical gap between us and our families in just seven and a half short months.

Here is what Sean, my belly, my red hat and me did this week:
                      Went kayaking with Kat and Luke on the Pittsburgh rivers,
                     posed in front of the fountain where Sean's proposal took place,
                     tried to keep up with Kat and Luke, but gave up and took pictures,
                                     caught this handsome guy in action,
                                    checked out the Mr. Rogers memorial,
                   slowly walked behind these two so that Kat and I could have girl talk,
                      were posers, again, with John Harvard on Harvard campus,
                                            visited Faneuil Hall,
                     salivated over my pregnancy craving-- Natalie was full of support,
                               had umbrella malfunctions outside Quincy Market,
                                            tried to avoid all the puddles,
talked teeth and practice-related issues, with the president of Massachusetts Dental Society, at the dental conference in Rockland, Maine,
          stayed at the beautiful Glen Cove Inn with the Drapers, Richins, and Nelsons,
                                           wandered out on the pier,
     quickly took some pictures so that we could rush down to Fenway Park in Boston,
found out the only one in the group that likes the taste of yellow Sprees is Sean (he inherited 50% of the box),
made it to the Red Sox/Yankees game,
enjoyed the 99 year old park while listening to a yankee's fan punch a red sox fan (both women) behind us,
                         Found sisters who were cheering on opposing teams,
got to visit the family that I was a nanny for, see how big they are, and slide down the fire pole,
                                  enjoyed being in the Danziger home again,
                         and added to our little guy's growing sports wardrobe.


The Way I See It said...

How fun. I loved the pictures and catching a glimpse of what you've been up to. And...a BOY? That's SO awesome! I'm so happy for you.

NJ said...

I hadn't heard the BOY news! CONGRATULATIONS!! And looks like lots of fun touring!!

Desiree P said...

Congratulations on the BOY! Just keeping with family tradtion I see.

Just the Seven of Us said...

I love the red hat, your darling tummy, and the yellow things in Natalie's nose! CONGRATS on your little boy! He is going to to SOO handsome!

Jenna said...

What a fun week! Congrats on the boy!!! Do you guys have names picked out yet?

Elise said...

I'm so excited for you!! We're having a boy too, how fun!! Looks like you had some seriously awesome trips!

Di said...

I think you have done more sight seeing on the east coast then I have. I'm glad you are feeling well enough to go. Congrats on the baby boy!

The Brusik Family said...

Congrats!!Boys are a blast! look amazing!!!

Lisa and Rustin said...

A BOY!!!!

So excited for you guys!! look amazing!

Laura DeFreese said...

Wow! You look like a midget next to some of those Danzigers, Rach! And you are one of the tall ones in the family! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It was fun to see them. Love, Mom

Potter Family said...

boys are so much fun. Wait..are there any granddaughters in your family yet? Oh...and boys boys boys. Invest in Mr. Clean magic erasers and learn all the tricks to getting stains (of every type) out of all types of fabrics and walls. Invest in the paint that is EASY to clean off of walls. Just saying.....and wait until they are gone to buy nice furniture.