Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to make our BIG decision in 2011

Sean and I in his module, mid September

This year we have some significant changes coming our way. They are very exciting changes, but come with a LARGE decision.

Change #1- Bringing home baby boy. Our house is very small, so the decisions kind of make themselves. We can't buy many of the traditional newborn items because of the lack of space we get to enjoy. It's a relief that we have to just accept driving our two-door car, sleeping in one room, and not decorating a nursery. I am grateful that we will just enjoy the simplicity of bringing him home to what we do have. Three or so months after he comes, I may be singing a different tune. Three or so months after he comes brings our big decision, more space, and hopefully more of an income.

Change #2- The BIG decision of 2011 is........where in the heck are we going to live? Sean's choice is New Zealand (for a couple of years). Rachel's choice is anywhere closer to family (preferably no further east than Austin, TX). Now, I am trying desperately to swallow my fears of living all the way down in N.Z. with a newborn. I am trying to be open-minded, but keep running into the padlock that keeps my mind as narrow as can be. I know that I can entertain myself and a little one, but am also very aware that it will be me and an adorable little boy, exploring the country, most of the time because work will be demanding Sean's time and attention. This, and the fact that we would be taking a cut financially, keeps my fears in the forefront of my mind. I need to think of the adventures, memories, scenery, and wonderful experience it will be if that is the final decision. Sean has been in contact with an LDS dentist down in N.Z. and gets excited with the thought of the whole thing. My excitement may be a little more forced, but I realize that it is becoming more appealing.

How do you make the decision? We have a paper that is on our fridge with several factors that play into the decision. We wrote down the most important things to consider when making this decision.

FACTORS: temple distance, airport distance, state taxes (income and property), average temperature, average listing price for a house, potential income for the first year, activities available in the area, how much a plane ticket is to visit both Seattle and Salt Lake, how far from a church we would be, school district, and median income.

There are several areas in the states that are appealing. We like the idea of somewhere in Texas, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and northern California. Outside of the states we obviously like N.Z., but we also like British Columbia. Yeah, we are in T-R-O-U-B-L-E! That's why we are hoping that we can narrow it down soon. It is comforting to know that we are both staying pretty open-minded about a location in the states. We realize that it isn't going to be permanent. We would like to be somewhere for a couple of years to get experience before we make the permanent decision. With that being said, Alaska is also appealing.

I am finding that the grass is always greener. I think of all of those out there who are pretty much told where they will be working. With dentistry, you get to choose. I am bad at choosing, always have been. When I was little I would organize my Halloween candy and have the hardest time choosing which one to eat first, and that was candy!


Juliann said...

Rach, You will be happy ANYWHERE you go! Think of it as an adventure with you Sean and baby.

Megan and Mike said...

mike and i can live ANYWHERE we want, i have prayed for 2 years for heavenly father to just tello me where to live, we are just now getting direction... so good luck!!!its so hard

Carly said...

Here...let me make the decision for you. DALLAS!!!!!

No, seriously though, I know exactly how you are feeling--it is so hard to decide, but you are the kind of person that I can see really just being happy ANYWHERE and I don't see you ever being lonely--you are way too friendly and social and will make millions of friends instantly where ever you go. And, thank heavens for the church--instant friends right there. Good luck!

H. Baum said...

Don't rule out the east coast! ;) It is wonderful and I can only tell you from experience that the south is an amazing place.

PS-- do count your blessings on getting to "choose." The army isn't so lucky. And I am literally ALONE everywhere we move. Just know wherever you are you will make amazing friends, and the church is everywhere. Family is nice too, but having independence to establish your own family is priceless-- and being able to travel to parts of the country/world you've never been. Do it while you're young!

Gretchen said...

Arizona is pretty nice. :)

James and Megan said...

You look cute!!

Desiree P said...

NZ would be so fun!
You are such a cute pregnant lady.

Jenna said...

Very exciting and scary times! Things will work out they always do. You are so positive. It is very inspiring!

Helena said...

Oh man, talk about big decisions!

Liz said...

I found your blog! It was linked on Ali's page. Big decisions are tough. Luckily you are standing on a firm foundation and will prayerfully make the right decision.

On another note, you are looking so cute, whether you feel it or not, you are! Darling. I love it.