Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Just a little one about the post below. Yesterday I tried on all of my shoes and decided to get rid of 10 pairs (so that I don't have to cart them off to Pittsburgh with me). I thought it would be fun to post about one of my favorite secrets. I forgot to say that I am not a die-hard shopper, especially under the economic circumstances we are in. I just thought it was practical to buy the same shoe, knowing that I would be wearing them completely out. I bought each on sale and didn't pay more than $18 per pair.

Just thought this might clear up the feelings I am having about being materialistic. Not quite sure if it worked. Oh well.


Meg said...

Those are cute shoes! I like how you have them in different colors. When I buy flats, I want to get them in at least one different color, but Nate doesn't see the point. :)

As far as running shoes, I really like saucony brand. It provides a lot of cushion for the balls and sides of my feet. I've tried asics but saucony has worked best for my feet, so I think I'll stick with saucony.

Becca said...

No worries Rachel! You might as well purchase the same shoe that you know you're going to like so you don't waste money on ones that are unknown :)