Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oh Susie

I'll admit that I had back-to-school jitters today as I drove to school. With a full load of classes, a full-time job, and recent hobbies I've picked up, I feel I am going to have to do quite a bit of adjusting to this new schedule. I decided that in each of my classes I am going to have to pick a focal point, so that when I get distracted, I will have someone to focus my ADHD thoughts on.

My Nutrition class is every Wednesday from 6-8:40pm. It's going to be rough, but thankfully there is a Susie in there to keep my thoughts distracted. When I say Susie, I mean Susie Talks A Lot (the doll)! This girl has her hand raised every five minutes. Do the math, and with that amount of time spent in class, we are hearing from her a ton. Her comments usually don't really tie into the lecture, but they are entertaining. During the beginning of class I was irritated, but by the end I was so excited to hear what she had to say because everything that came out made her sound drunk. I decided to scribble notes down about her so that by the end of the semester I would see all that I learned about her through her abstract comments.

After two and a half hours, this is what I learned about her:
-Her dad has a bad coffee addiction
-She moved from AZ and has very dry lips and skin and needs to drink more water
-Her grandpa is from Denmark
-Her boyfriend's mother was born in the fifties, so she has some crazy eating habits?
-She and her mother watch the Biggest Loser each week and eat popcorn while watching
-She loves Del Taco
-Her stepdad is from Guam and is an American Indian with high cholesterol
-She doesn't take notes
-She plays solitaire on her computer throughout class (I think she also has ADHD)
-She cuts the fingers off of her gloves

Even though everyone rolls their eyes when they see her hand up, I am excited to see what character she develops into. More notes are taken on Susie than on the course material.

Oh Susie, thanks for the entertainment!


Rob and Juliann said...

There's one in every class! I'm having flashbacks to my class' Martha! You don't really have ADHD do you??

Carly and Todd said...

Love this! You crack me up. Maybe you should somehow sneak a video sometime. That would be great.

Becca said...

That's hilarious! I can't believe she shared that much personal info in one class. She must be bored too (or just think the class is about her . .). Ugly time for a class though -- good luck on staying focused!

Rachel said...

I have a Wednesday night class too (6:50-9:30pm) :( ... I think I will follow your lead and find someone entertaining to watch, because to be completely honest the teacher isn't doing such a good job at holding my attention. Oh, and by the way, you're hilarious!

Brittany said...

haha. that's awesome!

Dana said...

That's hilarious! =)

Jill said...

HA! I love it! I love that you took notes on her commentary! Please give us a weekly update!

Will said...

Are your focal points always people? Boy, that could lead to awkward situations . . .

The Duckers said...

I always look forward to your fun posts. You're a really good story teller, and I couldn't stop laughing. I look forward to ALSO learning more about Suzie Talks a lot!! :o)

Paige said...

You are so awesome! Please update on Susie!