Saturday, September 14, 2013

Audri 3-9 months

This little lady is such a sweet addition to our family. We all can't get enough of her! Currently she is saying: ma-ma, da-da, mo (more), ba-ba (baby), ny-ny (night night), and bah (bear). She doesn't like to crawl, so she scoots on her bum. She pulls herself up onto furniture and loves if we hold her hands and let her walk. She also loves loves loves her brother and jumping.

Here is a summary of her last six months.

The April Fools Day prank I pulled on Sean-- he didn't flinch

We all are addicted to these cheeks!

At the children's museum. This is around the last couple of times I wore her on my front. My back always ached afterwards! How else do you wander around a children's museum with a toddler, 4 1/2 month old, diaper bag, and no stroller?

Starting, and loving, rice cereal!

Audri is ALWAYS mesmerized by her brother. Charlie always wants to lay so close to her that he is practically on top of her. 

Starting to babble (5 months). My favorite-- love all the coos!

This little piggy sat still! The last time I was able to hold her, while awake, and paint her toes. I had to start painting them while asleep in her car seat. 

Sleeping beauty!

Sweet Audri Belle, learning how to sit at 5 months.

Her favorite time of the day. Picking dad up from work and his loving hellos.

Hiking up to Punch Bowl Falls when Jason, Wendy, Josh, Emily and Simon came up to visit. Emily charmed Audri.

Cousin Ashlyn (1 month) and Audri (5 1/2 months)

Sitting-- just shy of 6 months

She hates when I try to get her to crawl! I feel like it's a lost cause.

Sweet sweet love!

His and hers bathtime after every meal. This is how I get the kitchen put back together. They both love it! I have to watch closely though.
She'll sit and play with her toys for a good 30 minutes! Ten times longer than Charlie did.

Pretty baby-- post bath with her baby and hemangioma

About the last time I could get her to take a pacifier. I tried and tried, but she refused after she started teething at six months.

Sweet baby (7 months). Audri stopped throwing up around this point. She and I used to be covered in vomit every day!
Cousin Ryder (8 years)  was teaching her how to 'ROAR!!'

Cousin Eli (5) and Audri (7 months). I think she looks so much like him.
Don't look her in the eyes. Putty in her hands.

Joyriding with brother (8 months). She actually LOVED it!

Almost 9 months. Love those teeth and whale spout she is able to wear now.
We LOVE LOVE LOVE this little lady! She definitely has Sean wrapped around her fingers and asking when we can have another one.

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rjd said...

What a cutie! the double bath picture was my favorite.