Saturday, March 23, 2013

Audri at 3 months

This little lady is growing at rapid speed! I am a little relieved because things are getting easier as the days pass by.

Notes about Audri:
*She coos and coos. I love driving and hearing her coo and babble in the back seat. Charlie will announce that she is happy.
*She is only fussy when she wants food, her diaper changed, or when she is tired.
*She LOVES sitting in a bouncer and playing with toys. She'll play there happily for an hour.
*She loves to sleep and is good at it. She sleeps from 9-4 or 9-6, and then go down for three naps during the day.
*She is trying to sit up.
*She is in the 69th Percentile for weight and I think 60th for height.
*She is roly-poly and gets smothered in kisses from all three of her adoring fans.
*She is so much fun to dress!
*She has curly hair
*She likes being read to
*Her birthmark (a hemangioma on her right rib cage) is the size of a quarter and is in a rapid growth stage. It should be gone by the time she is ten.
*She is now smiling at Charlie.
*She cries loudly when things are chaotic. She loves a calm atmosphere.
*It seems she has a dairy allergy and has stopped spitting up as much, and is genuinely happier, since I cut dairy out of my diet. Her bowels are also looking more like they should.

We just can't get enough of her!


rjd said...

Good looking Famil Pictures. Everyone looks so happy.

Danae said...

I love your family pictures! That little Audri of yours is so precious.