Monday, January 21, 2013


For Audri's blessing we were fortunate enough to have family come into town. It made it extra special. A week and a half ago we were able to have Grandma Joanie come and stay with us (she has been a HUGE help and wonderful company) and stay through the blessing. Saturday, the 19th, Phillip, Brittany and Lacey were the first to arrive. Grandma Laura and Grandpa Randy came a couple hours later, followed by Micah, Eve, Ethan and Ivy. We went over to the church, brought lots of toys and sporting equipment, and played for an hour or so. We got our wiggles out. That night we had dinner, birthday cake (for Brittany and Lacey) and then headed off to bed. My parents and my brother's family stayed over at the Anderson's home. They are good friends of ours, and in our ward. It was a perfect arrangement. Sunday morning we woke up and got things moving, ate breakfast and headed to church.

The blessing, given by Sean, was wonderful. I only wish I could remember all that was said, but I was entertaining a small toddler and wiping my own tears away. All I know is that she was blessed with a wonderful blessing.

We came home and made lunch, packed everyone up and said good bye to most of the company. My parents, and Joanie stuck around to visit (Joanie's here until Wednesday, and I dread her leaving. She is wonderful company--seriously).

One of our favorite winter activities



Best buddies watching Tangled in the chairs Grandma Joanie bought for them. They have the sweetest little relationship. These cousins love each other!

I can't wait for these two to play together. Uncle Micah, Ivy and Audri

Grandpa and Audri. I think there is a similar picture of me and my grandpa.

Sweet Ethan is so good with Charlie and Audri
The blanket I finished a week before her arrival

I saw this dress at Baby Gap when I was pregnant with Charlie. I kept thinking it would be such a sweet little blessing dress and was always tempted to buy it. Right before I became pregnant with Audri it was on clearance and I couldn't pass it up. I LOVE it! I wish she could wear it again. It's been hanging in the kids' closet for over a year now and I would often pull it out and just stare at it I loved it so much.

The bracelet was a gift from friends in our ward and the headband was assembled by me.

Charlie wanted in on our little photo shoot. I need to remember to include him in everything, or find something to occupy him with. 

Love these booties that were a gift from a friend in our ward. They stay on her feet really well.

So happy to have family in town to share the day/weekend with. Uncle Micah with Ivy, Aunt Eve and Ethan, mom, dad, me with Audri, Sean and Charlie, Phillip and Lacey, Brittany (25 weeks pregnant), and Grandma Joanie.

Trying to get a wiggly Charlie to take a picture was nearly impossible. I am glad we got this one. Love them.

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Chelsea Fullmer said...

Next time around you should slip a recorder or iPhone on record in Sean's pocket and then you can have the blessing to write down and keep in their baby book. My mom taught me that trick. Beautiful family!