Thursday, January 24, 2013

Audri's Photoshoot

My amazing friend Natalie came over when Audri was between 8-10 days old (I can't remember exactly) and took some newborn pictures for us.

I filled my bedroom with space heaters, fed and changed her, and then decorated her with headbands, bows, and a tutu that I made. I may be biased, but I think the pictures are gorgeous and captured her newborn-ness really well.

My favorite!

I love that this one captured her cheeks in all their glory.

I think that this one and the next one look the most like her.

Her hands are often near her mouth. Once she can control them better we may have a thumb sucker?

This one doesn't really capture what she looks like, to me, but I love the umbilical cord in this.

Love her little face, not mine, in this one.

Calming her down so that we could continue. I like this because I am rarely in any pictures.


Danae said...


Malerie said...

She is so gorgeous! Congrats!

Desiree P said...

Beautiful! and I mean both of you.

Bre And Drew said...

She is so beautiful! Glad you got some of you in there too. So happy for your little family!