Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mom's Notes: 9 months

 This little guy gets a workout all day every day. Mom gets a workout all day every day. You should see the battle we go through each time a diaper/an outfit needs to be changed.

I can't believe how strong he is. I can't believe how weak I am.
Charlie enjoys playing with his toys for about five minutes. He loves loves loves books! We can sit and read four-five books before each nap. Hopefully this habit will be kept up.

We go to the library for story/singing time each Wednesday and Friday. He sits on my lap and listens pretty well. Afterwards he gets down and plays with the other little kids-- or just tries to take their toys. We are working on teaching him to share. It seems like a lost cause.

He's fearless.

He's curious.

He's quick.

He's a man without a desire for naps. Bummer.

He's charming. He can do something bad and turn around and give you a sweet smile that makes you forget what he did.

He already knows how to manipulate his parents.

(Sidenote: He loves playing with tampons. Sean is mortified. He finds them in the bathroom and grabs one in each hand. He bangs them on the floor as if he is playing the drums. Sean is disgusted.)

 He loves table food and hates baby food.

Anything we eat, he wants.

Grandpa introduced him to pickles. He loved them. His hives told us that he shouldn't love them anymore. Sad.

Taking after mom already. He knows how to examine your hair thoroughly. He checks for lice. He leaves slobbery gifts. He grabs handfuls!

This kid makes us happier than we could've imagined.

We love our Charlie!

STATS: Weight: 16.9 lbs (3%-- he's so active that the doctor isn't concerned)
             Height: 27.5" (11%-- destined to be in the front row for class pictures)
             Head Circ.: Can't remember the exact measurement... (63%-- genius!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

pill popping

I have had a pounding headache for a few hours now, but I vowed to post all our harvest pictures before going to bed. As I was posting the pictures I was wondering why the medicine hadn't given me any relief. I sat here thinking about the two giant pills that I popped into my mouth, and realized that I had taken two prenatal pills instead of Advil. The advil is working, much better than the prenatals, and I am off to bed.

Harvest Time

Finding the perfect pumpkin for us
Playing with Grandpa B while we rested from moving.

Three apples for a dollar gets you some fun fruit flingin!
Between Sean, my dad, and me, we almost hit the target at least three times. Almost doesn't win a box of home made pumpkin donuts though.
My FAVORITE harvest treat-- fresh squeezed apple cider!
My parents came to visit, and got to enjoy one of the orchards.
Sean's number one fan!
Charlie's number one fan!
Hanging out with Grandpa R in his skeleton costume.
Our only family shot-- Sean the lumber jack, Charlie the skeleton, and me the snowboarder (idea stolen from my friend Sara's costume last year)
Finally looking a little like mom. It makes me so happy whenever anyone tells me that!
Charlie's friend Joe. Really they just take toys from one another, grunt, babble, drool, screech, and crawl over the other. Still, it's the beginnings of a great friendship-- I can see it now!

This small town is at it's finest when it's time for the yearly harvest. Not only is there tons of produce around, there are harvest parties, fruit flingin', pumpkin patch visiting, corn maze wandering, cider pressing, and yada yada. It was fun to be here right as all of that commenced.