Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mom's Notes: 9 months

 This little guy gets a workout all day every day. Mom gets a workout all day every day. You should see the battle we go through each time a diaper/an outfit needs to be changed.

I can't believe how strong he is. I can't believe how weak I am.
Charlie enjoys playing with his toys for about five minutes. He loves loves loves books! We can sit and read four-five books before each nap. Hopefully this habit will be kept up.

We go to the library for story/singing time each Wednesday and Friday. He sits on my lap and listens pretty well. Afterwards he gets down and plays with the other little kids-- or just tries to take their toys. We are working on teaching him to share. It seems like a lost cause.

He's fearless.

He's curious.

He's quick.

He's a man without a desire for naps. Bummer.

He's charming. He can do something bad and turn around and give you a sweet smile that makes you forget what he did.

He already knows how to manipulate his parents.

(Sidenote: He loves playing with tampons. Sean is mortified. He finds them in the bathroom and grabs one in each hand. He bangs them on the floor as if he is playing the drums. Sean is disgusted.)

 He loves table food and hates baby food.

Anything we eat, he wants.

Grandpa introduced him to pickles. He loved them. His hives told us that he shouldn't love them anymore. Sad.

Taking after mom already. He knows how to examine your hair thoroughly. He checks for lice. He leaves slobbery gifts. He grabs handfuls!

This kid makes us happier than we could've imagined.

We love our Charlie!

STATS: Weight: 16.9 lbs (3%-- he's so active that the doctor isn't concerned)
             Height: 27.5" (11%-- destined to be in the front row for class pictures)
             Head Circ.: Can't remember the exact measurement... (63%-- genius!)


Jamie said...

i can't believe your little man is already 9 months!!! Time goes so fast! He is adorable. I hope you guys are having a great Christmas season. I miss you!

Will said...

Haha, our little one goes for the same thing in mom's bathroom cupboard. No fun finding them in random places throughout the house . . .

Jeana said...

He is so cute! I love the updates. =)

SNSsoup said...

He's is SO stinking cute!!! Seriously, those eyes, that smile, his hair {of course he has fab hair!}... what a cutie!!! I LOVE reading your updates. You're such a fantastic mother Rachel and it's evident through your posts- you LOVE your little guy!!!