Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Harvest Time

Finding the perfect pumpkin for us
Playing with Grandpa B while we rested from moving.

Three apples for a dollar gets you some fun fruit flingin!
Between Sean, my dad, and me, we almost hit the target at least three times. Almost doesn't win a box of home made pumpkin donuts though.
My FAVORITE harvest treat-- fresh squeezed apple cider!
My parents came to visit, and got to enjoy one of the orchards.
Sean's number one fan!
Charlie's number one fan!
Hanging out with Grandpa R in his skeleton costume.
Our only family shot-- Sean the lumber jack, Charlie the skeleton, and me the snowboarder (idea stolen from my friend Sara's costume last year)
Finally looking a little like mom. It makes me so happy whenever anyone tells me that!
Charlie's friend Joe. Really they just take toys from one another, grunt, babble, drool, screech, and crawl over the other. Still, it's the beginnings of a great friendship-- I can see it now!

This small town is at it's finest when it's time for the yearly harvest. Not only is there tons of produce around, there are harvest parties, fruit flingin', pumpkin patch visiting, corn maze wandering, cider pressing, and yada yada. It was fun to be here right as all of that commenced.

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