Monday, November 14, 2011

Grape Juice 101

Step 1: Grow grapes, or move next to someone who is growing grapes

Step 2: Wait patiently for 5 years for your grape plants to produce grapes, or just wait for your neighbors' plants to produce.

Step 3: Take scissors out to the vineyard, as well as someone with muscles-- they get heavy. Snip grapes. Get a mixture cause it makes the juice sweeter: Niagaras (green) and Concords (purple)

Step 4: Wash the spiders and all the spiderwebs off of the grapes, as well as de-stem the grapes. This takes awhile, so put in a good flick to distract you, OR have a baby play at your feet and keep taking mysterious items from out of the baby's mouth-- great workout, all the bending.

Step 5: Steam the grapes in a juicer, or clean your feet and squish them in a big bucket/basin with your toes.

Step 6: Can the grape juice, or else your fridge will explode from all the un-canned bottles/jars.
I couldn't believe how easy it was to make grape juice. I will definitely do more next year, maybe with my toes.....

*Side note* You probably get a few spiders in each container of Welches that you buy. YUMMY!
*Side note #2* Even though both juice and jelly is wonderful, we prefer to have grape jelly, so make sure to can extra so that we can make lots of jelly!
*Final side note* If you feed baby grapes, the diaper will have seeds.


rjd said...

The Juice and Jelly have way more flavor than the store bought stuff. We love ours.....:)

Danae said...

Sometimes it's better NOT to know about the spiders and bugs that may or may not end up in our food. Ew.

I hope you don't mind- I found your blog. :)