Saturday, March 26, 2011

Confessions of a new mom

A preview of my next post- 'Charlie, the super model'

Before Charlie arrived, I thought we were pretty prepared. I didn't expect anything but being sleep-deprived and snuggling a newborn. I thought I was ready to take on the titles of mom, cook, house cleaner, socializer, laundry woman, athlete, well.......pretty much super woman. Instead, reality showed it's lovely face and smacked me right on my booty!

The truth is, sometimes I feel like:

one large boob, udder, couch potato baby feeder,

when Sean walks in the door I want to be fed, bathed, swaddled, and rocked to sleep all while he sings to me, coos, tells me how much he loves me and that I am the cutest thing ever.

I am so excited to get out of the house that I get ready in advance, only to get buckled into the car and hear a juicy explosion from my favorite little passenger and then hungry cries following an emptied little digestive system. We then get unbuckled and head back into the house and decide not to go anywhere because we will be very late to whatever it was.

taking a long walk. After the long walk by body grounds me for the next day. I am grounded because I did too too much.

I get anxious everywhere I go, protecting my baby, while I view everyone as giant germs. After five people have asked to see him, I am ready to go home.

everyone drives way too fast.

Charlie's first vehicle will be a school bus.

I have to go the bathroom five minutes ago. I then am forced to do feel like doing a bathroom dance.

I have forgotten to do something very important, and then in the evening I remember what that thing was. I forgot to brush my teeth.

I wish Sean had boobs udders baby feeders.

wishing for three wishes. All of them being 12 hours of sleep.

a nervous wreck, checking on Charlie's breathing throughout the night.

swear words seem to be extra loud, cigarette smoke is extra strong, and swimsuit models are extra skanky.

I want to protect this little guy from everything and everyone!

Even though I have had unexpected, uncomfortable, nervous, tired, stressful, emotional, anxious, or irritable moments, I wouldn't trade these moments for anything! I would never want to be anyone but a wife and mother. I am in love with these two boys!


Brittany said...

you describe motherhood so well...
you WILL sleep again!

Becca said...

Yeah, you hit the nail on the head there. You spend all day doing everything for the little baby and then you really need for someone else to do it all for you. It's so hard! But, no matter how awful it gets, you can't imagine life any other way :).

James said...

I know that feeling of wanting to protect your kid from everything. I still don't think that has gone away. But you and Sean are great parents, so Charlie will turn out great!.

By the way, just wait until those cute little explosions start smelling not so cute...

Malerie said...

Hang in gets easier. That is one cute little guy! He looks so much like his daddy.

Adventures of Melissa said...

AH so cute!!! i love how it looks like charlie is holding sean hand. and rachel congrats on being a mom.

Bre And Drew said...

Love your honesty. and I LOVE that top picture, can't wait to see the rest!

marie said...

welcome to being a mommy! there will come a day when you don't feel like all you do is nurse your baby and you can't ever get away. meanwhile, enjoy your little guy because they grow so fast! it is so much fun!

Di said...

I love how you described it. Sometimes you don't sit down for hours and don't realize it until you do it down, your just so busy as a mom. It will lighten up some and someday you'll get to sleep the whole night through. But you'll still be up worrying about your Charlie. So he may not wake you up but you'll keep yourself up. Oh how I love motherhood

Julee said...

He is a pretty boy, soooo cute! I am SOOOOO glad that everything turned out ok. Yep, thats motherhood. Congrats!

Orphan or Oakley? said...

Congratulations! He is a handsome little guy and you look great! I found your blog through Devin and Nicole G's...hope you don't mind. Ani (Daniel and Ani)

Da Denninghoff's said...

i'm laughing because it's so true. Youre fantastic rachel

Kendra Goodrich said...

He is so sweet, and perfect! And I promise you will sleep again, it will be great. And if he hasn't started purposely smiling at you, just wait, it's coming. That is the greatest feeling ever. It starts making all that hard stuff more worth it, like he actually knows and appreciates all that hard work your putting in.