Thursday, January 13, 2011

33 weeks

33 weeks

I am now 33 weeks along, a stay-at-home wife, and realizing that the next seven weeks are going to pass by slowly. I am savoring any of the jobs that I have to do around the house (for example: I slowly unpacked my suitcases all day, my first day home). I have been adding to the list of projects I need to start and finish, and realizing how much cleaning, organizing, and packing I am going to need to get done as well. My goal for the next few weeks is to get rid of stuff that we don't want to move across country as well as pack stuff away that we won't use until after the move. I am also excited to hit all the used bookstores in the area, learn more about photo editing, make dinner at least three times a week (with it being the two of us, we will have tons of leftovers), watch Biggest Loser and finish Lost, research a bit on investing in the stock market, and take an accounting class to help with the future bookwork that will eventually come (in a few years). In between all of those tasks I will be doing hair, attending book club, and I plan to hit up institute and socialize with as many friends as possible since our time here is winding down very quickly.

I have to tell myself that I will be busy, or I'll sink into the routine of sleeping in and not accomplishing much.

And now for the pregnancy update..........dun dun dun............

The Discomforts:
1. Sleeping. I wake up with my hips throbbing from needing to turn over.
2. Bladder. The minute I wake up I have to rush to the bathroom. If I sneeze,'ll spare the details.
3. Eating. I have no room to eat more than a small serving of food. I am rarely hungry, and the only thing that appeals to me is chocolate.
4. Thoughts. My thoughts on labor keep me up at night. I am not worried about delivery. Not at all, actually. I am worried about the circumcision part of having a boy. Sean and I are currently researching how it's done, and the different ways they can numb him prior to the whole ordeal. I know I have nothing to worry about, but the thought of him in pain makes me want to cry. We are looking for a pediatrician who will use lidocaine. One nurse said that all they do is give the baby sugar water and that made me uneasy. Sean said he will go in and witness the whole thing and hold the little guy, if he can, which seemed to put my mind almost completely at ease.
5. Sitting. If I sit anywhere, but the couch, for longer than a half an hour, I have to slouch and move around. My tailbone has taken quite a hit and is very tender. It's making church seem really looooonnnngggg. I have to get up and walk around between each meeting.
6. Breathing. I didn't realize how much my breathing would be affected by this point. Sitting straight up, having a uterus and baby grow and push up on your diaphragm causes short breaths. Sometimes when I am sitting in church, I just want to lay down on the ground for a minute to take the pressure off and get a full breath in.
7. Pictures. I don't like the swollen face look.
8. Dropping something on the ground. I wish I could wiggle my nose, wave a wand or snap my fingers to pick it up. Instead, I 'drop it like it's hot' and try to pick whatever it is up, and end up winded from the small task.
9. Orange juice/oranges. My biggest craving, but gives me heart burn/acid reflux each time I have it.
10. Looking at a calendar and realizing that I have seven weeks left and it's only going to get a lot more uncomfortable!

The Comforts:
1. Knowing that pregnancy, even though I have loved it, is almost over.
2. Not having to go to work, stand all day on hard wood floors, and come home with swollen feet.
3. Feeling and seeing his wiggly little body rippling across my stomach.
4. Knowing how he is positioned due to his daily hiccups.
5. Having time at home to prepare for his arrival.
6. Yoga pants. They are AMAZING! I think I am in them at least every other day.
7. Apple juice. Doesn't do what orange juice does to me.
8. Baby stuff. Our baby items are growing, and we are so excited to look at all the blankets, stuffed animals, clothes, baby carrier/stroller, pack-n-play, and yada yada.
9. Loving each of the five doctors in our group!
10. Having a supportive and loving husband to go through all of this with.
11. Knowing that he is going to be ours. We get to love, teach, talk, play, snuggle, and be sealed to this little guy FOREVER.

Side note from my 33 week visit to the doctor. I thought I would step on the scale, after holiday season, and see the biggest weight gain yet. Instead the nurse looked at me and asked if I had been sick. Apparently I had lost four pounds since my last visit. My total weight gain is now 15 pounds. The doctor wasn't concerned at all. She said that he is growing perfectly and is a healthy size. She then told me that she worries about the women that put on such an excessive amount of weight. That made me feel a lot better. My goal is to gain a pound a week until he comes, even though I have NO appetite. I have increased my calorie intake by eating yogurts, drinking 2% milk (instead of skim), drinking apple and grape juices, and sneaking in a little extra chocolate, between meals.
The brothers and their expectant wives. I am at 31 weeks and Brittany is at 37 weeks.


Will said...

Let me be the first to say that I am tickled by the fact that he hiccups. Keep up a positive attitude and hopefully the final stretch won't be too unbearable.

Tristan said...

Too exciting. Congrats, Rachel!

James said...

We had fun having you guys out here.

Brittany said...

you look so cute, rach! and how awesome that you don't have to work anymore! good luck with the next few weeks!

Sheena said...

You are adorable! I can't wait to see pictures when the little guy is born! Thanks for updating. I've been wondering how you've been. :-)

The Duckers said...

Rachel! The first thing I thought when I saw your first picture is how TINY you are! I wish I had looked that good when I was that far along. Maybe you'll start hearing this a lot and it will make up for people saying how big you were in the beginning....just a little?
On another note...I AM SO JEALOUS that you've only gained 15 pounds!!!!! NO matter how I ate or what I did the weight just piled up on me. 1st baby: 42 lbs. 2nd baby: 40 lbs. 3rd baby: 39 lbs.

Megan said...

Side Note: My dad watched one of my brother's get his circumcision (he was in school at the time and thought it would be educational). Well 25 years later, he still describes the whole thing with acute detail in horror. I don't think he'd reccommend watching it...especially on your own son.

Desiree P said...

You look so cute! Sorry to hear about all your discomforts, at least you get some time off before the baby comes.
And you know, you don't have to circumcise if you are uncomfortable with the procedure. Only half of Americans get it done now. Even medical organizations say it's just cosmetic surgery.
Anyway, hope your last months are pleasant ones!

Paige said...

We opted to not do the circumcision.

I hope your last few weeks go well! It's one of those times--really exciting and frustrating all at once!

tiffany and darren said...

you look amazing! only 15 pounds, you are so lucky!!! I love the hair cut and your face doesn't look puffy at all.

Elise said...

Rachel- you look so cute! I'm so excited for you and I totally understand your pain. Picking things up off the floor, sleeping, eating, sitting but its all worth it. And the whole circumcision thing is scary but just ask yourself "what would Jesus do?" :) (Born into a Jewish family- you know he was circumcised!)

Samber Ames said...

I don't have a little guy to circumcise. But I have assisted with circumcisions in the clinic I work at. I don't think they are as gruesome as you would think. The Doctors I work with do use lidocaine to numb them, but one of the doctors I work with does warn the parents that they still may feel it just a little. Then again, there are Doctors who do not use lidocaine. (so you are smart to research) The sugar water is not used in place of any numbing. We put sugar water on their binky so they will take it and help soothe them. On the flip side a guy came into the office who was in his 20's he was not circumcised and was infected. He was going to have to be circumcised. I think it would be alot more traumatizing as an adult. It may not be "tradition" anymore, but is definitely for cleanliness. Hope that helps and that I wasn't too graphic. :) - Amber (Marley) Ames

Adam and Jess said...

You still look great and it's funny that everyone said you looked so big in the beginning, considering that you've now just gained 15 lbs. That's great.
I do think you're brave for quiting early but it sounds like you should keep yourself busy. Just don't think about it.
I'm sorry I missed your shower. We were in Az for the first time in a yr, wahoo!!