Saturday, February 6, 2010


When the forecast called for snow in the Pittsburgh area, I thought nothing of it. People at work kept making a big deal about it and I still thought nothing of it.

Then the snow started coming....

It came quickly...

It stacked on every available place it could stack....

It tempted my husband to go on a two hour stroll, with me, at 10 o'clock at night.

It kept coming through the night, leaving us a pleasant surprise as we opened the blinds.

It was hard at work burying our car through the night.

It gave Sean new muscle definition--he now has shoveling muscles.

Even with all headaches and inconveniences it caused....

It was a beautiful, clean, white, wintry, wonderful day!

Our day was full, and well spent. I woke up at 7:30 and couldn't get back to sleep because I was planning on doing grocery shopping in the next day or so, and realized that we had zero groceries to eat if we were going to be snowed-in. I was so anxious about groceries, that I couldn't sleep anymore. When Sean woke up, we ate German pancakes (maybe we had a few supplies...) and bundled up to get groceries. We walked the few blocks to the grocery store and loaded up on the goods. On our way to and from, we helped push and shovel people's cars. Our street is unplowed, and under two feet of snow, as well as our driveway and car....we realized that we were completely snowed in. Sean spent a couple of hours studying oral pathology (woohoo) while I cleaned the oven, fridge, and rest of the kitchen (another woohoo). The fun continued when I got to quiz Sean about all the fun lesions that can be found in the mouth (yummy). After the quizzing, and Sean trying to beat a level on James Bond (nintendo 64), we bundled back up, shoveled more cars out (on the main roads), and then took a three hour walk to, through, and from the park. We came home and ate a great dinner, and will be finishing the night with hot chocolate, popcorn, and a movie.

Talk about a good day!

Can we get snowed in more often?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Due to several requests and no cable, here is my project for the night-- displaying our home on my blog. It feels more and more like home/bed bath and beyond, and less like an old moldy city home. We both love being at home.

oh, and p.s. I am not a decorator, so any hints would be helpful.

This is our lovely-very Pittsburgh, home. We live on the first floor. We have upstairs neighbors that are russian--sometimes they fight (well the wife yells at the husband) and we can almost hear EVERY word, but it's all in russian, so Sean and I make up what they are fighting about.

Standing on our front porch looking to the left. This is a typical Pittsburgh neighborhood- old, tall, brick homes packed tightly together.

Do you like Sean's pull-up bar? That was one of the first things we had to find a place for, but sadly, it was one of the last items to be hung.

Our looonnnggg bathroom.

The end of the bathroom

Our free couch, lovely quilt and soft rug (all wonderful gifts we were given), make our living room feel like home and less like an old Pittsburgh house.

One of my favorite bridal shower gifts-- F-A-M-I-L-Y from my sisters and mom, fits nicely on top of our door to the office/guest room/unorganized storage space. While Sean's dad, Bruce, and uncle, Collin, were out in Pittsburgh they helped put our place together-- it was such a help and we were happy to see them here in Pittsburgh, and sad to see them go.

The pictures on that wall are all going to be different family photos. The empty frame is supposed to have my family picture(that we took at Christmas) in it, but it hasn't arrived yet. We hope to make that wall a big collage of pictures. Looks like we will have to putty it up when we move. The burnt orange chair is also a free gift. I know the color isn't the greatest, but it is very comfortable to sit in.

I promise our bedding isn't that shiny. Sean still feels like a man when he sleeps at night.

The bed was set up against the wall with windows. We enjoyed how it made the room feel, but I couldn't blocking the windows- I love having a bright room, and it was blocking some of the light.

Yes, Sean and I like to do puzzles... that is one stuffed under our bed.

Monday, February 1, 2010


I had a loooooonnng work week last week. Friday nights are not very fun for me anymore because I have to get up at 6 to be to work by 7:30. Saturday at the salon was VERY busy. By the time I got home I was hungry and exhausted! This is the lovely surprise I came home to...

Sean was busy in the kitchen making me an apple pie while I was working hard for our money.

The reason why I was especially exhausted on Saturday is because Friday night Sean and I went to the Dental School Snow Ball. I didn't have a fancy dress, but Sean had a new fancy suit to sport. We had a great time watching his classmates get tipsy. We had an even greater time out on the dance floor trying to copy their drunken moves.

Have I mentioned that I love being married?