Sunday, May 9, 2010

Through My Eyes

Today I watched as the primary children (I especially watched my cute sunbeams)got up to sing to their mothers for Mother's Day. At the end of one song they signed 'I love you' and pointed to their mothers. As they did this, I started thinking of how I must've felt about my mother when I was a three-year-old. My mind did some wandering, and here is where it went....

Through the eyes of a three-year-old, this is what I see:

-a mother who is constantly bending over and picking up after her three kids
-a mother who comes in and straightens my quilt in the middle of the night as I scream because it is wrinkled.
-a mother who sat up at night and read to each of us kids from the hallway outside of our rooms
-a mother who makes everything from scratch
-a mother who sews our clothes, bedding and other various items
-a mother who spends lots of time on her knees, playing with her children
-a mother who can do anything

Through the eyes of an eight-year-old, this is what I see:

-a mother who will drop everything to run me to the hospital for stitches (more than once that year)
-a mother who can turn her junk yard into a beautiful flower, fruit, and vegetable garden
-a mother who never takes time for herself
-a mother who regulates the amount of time we are influenced by the media
-a mother who makes sure our lunches are made with the healthiest ingredients and adds love
-a mother who spends lots of time on her knees and feet, playing and exploring with her children
-a mother who proudly displays all of our handmade creations
-a mother of five, who can do anything

Through the eyes of a teenager, this is what I see:

-a mother who tries to sleep, but stays up until each of her precious children are home in bed
-a mother who leads the young women of the ward
-a mother who loves attending any of our events: gymnastics, volleyball games, softball games, band concerts, mutual activities, youth conferences, youth dances, graduations, plays, and anything else that we were somewhat involved in
-a mother who realizes that each of her children want to make their own decisions, and stands back as we do so
-a mother who gets up and makes a warm breakfast before we head out to early morning seminary at 6 am
-a mother who is tired, but can do anything

Through the eyes of a young adult, all on her own, this is what I see:

-a mother who soaks up anytime that she can spend when her children return home
-a mother who has not only developed, but fine-tuned, her talents as a gardener and a seamstress
-a mother who gives all of her love to her children, whether they follow her teachings or not
-a mother who can't rock us in her rocking chair, but still tries
-a mother who proudly displays our artwork from 20 + years ago
-a mother who savors the small things in life
-a mother who can do anything

Through the eyes of a twenty seven-year-old, adjusting to life on the other side of the country, this is what I see:

-a mother who has an empty home, and now can go back to school, and gives 100% to studying and succeeding in each of her classes
-a mother who has no children at home, and happily welcomes each of them back whenever they need to come, or however long they need to stay
-a mother who is seasoned and can answer any of your questions about the small or great things in life
-a mother who has a very comforting voice, and will talk to you at any hour of the day
-a mother who lives life to the fullest, stands firm in her beliefs, leads by example, welcomes any challenges that may come, sees things with an eternal perspective, and loves unconditionally
-a mother who can do anything

Through my eyes, I have a mother who is perfect. I am thankful for all of her imperfections, because they make her even more perfect!

I love you, mom!


S.Ann said...

I always LOVE your posts Rachel...
they invariably make me laugh. But this one made me cry and I loved it the best. G'ma N.

Paige said...

This is so sweet. You do have an amazing mom (as do I). Glad we have such good genes.

The Way I See It said...

Wow! I can agree. Your Mom truly IS all those things. I have thought today about my own mother and other women who have "mothered" me in my life and grateful I am for the way they have all helped mold and shape me into who I am today.

Liz Morrill said...

Thanks Rachel. Very touching.

Kaela Cusack said...

what a beautiful post!

Adam and Jess said...

That was a very nice post about your Mom through your eyes. My Mom was really one of the only people I struggled with growing up and I wished I could've looked at her as positively as you did to your Mom.

I have to comment on finals week. I'm like you in the sense, that if Adam is studying at home I think I'll do good about giving him his space. Then I get ansy and want to tell him something or see him. It usually works out better for us if he's at the school or else I'll ask him for help with the kids or chat his head off. I now understand that he needs his breaks to focus better and don't take offense about it. Have I told you I love me hair? It looks great curly or straight!