Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sean's 3rd Year Finals

Oh yes, Sean's finals came....again! Sean did well, maybe went to school sleep deprived for a week or so, but did well nonetheless. He's too modest to tell me his scores-- probably cause he's worried I'd post them for the world to see. All I know is that he finished and he isn't on academic probabtion (so in my mind, that means he did well).

His wife, on the otherhand, didn't perform as well.

Sean enjoys studying in a quiet environment. On the weekend he suggested that he head up to school to study. I threw out a new suggestion. I suggested that he studied at home and that I would be as quiet as possible. I am trying not to spend money, and knew I needed to lock myself up indoors for a quiet and productive weekend around the house. In my mind I thought my idea was a perfect one. Sean went to his desk and I went to the couch. He took his exciting books about teeth and I took my exciting cookbooks and books on marriage. The silence began. The wife got restless.

The weekend ended up being productive in a completely different way than I imagined. I caught up on some shows online.....for two days!!!! I had a severe case of cabin fever.

Here is the rest of finals week, a summary, according to me.

Sean sits down to study. I sit down to do some sort of project. After 15 minutes of silence, I decide I need a hug. I get a hug and am sent back to my own little cave of silent boredom. After 15 minutes I decide I need to tell him something. Again, I go walking back to my silent lair. This goes on for hours-- I realized after this week, that I need a certain amount of attention from Sean to keep me satisfied. He needs a certain amount of silence to keep his information retained. Our preferences didn't add up.

Attention hungry wife + Dental school finals student= miserable wife and miserable husband.

All I care about is that he passed. Next time we reach this scenario, I am going to take the wallet and head out. I think I am going to forget that we are trying not to spend money, and remember that I need to get out even if that means a little money will be spent.

We spent this past weekend in D.C. Needless to say, my attention cup "runneth o'er".

I am grateful that finals are through, and that the only big test Sean really has left to take is his dental boards. We are thinking (maybe I mean that I am thinking) I may need to leave Pittsburgh while he is studying for boards.......


Carly said...

PLEASE COME VISIT ME!!! We could do some serious damage at the mall, oh I mean, we could hit all the free stuff to do in Dallas!! What you explain is SO MY LIFE RIGHT NOW--Todd just finished working an 75 hour week--including all day Saturday!! never ends I could really use a weekend away where my "attention cup runneth over!" Miss you. I keep meaning to call you. I will soon.

Hayley (and Kyle) said...

miss you rachel! We are a few hours from DC, so if you ever want to meet up for another weekend getaway, let me know! PS you're always welcome for a visit down here in NC too.

Kaela Cusack said...

come visit me!!! my friend is moving to DC in may-perhaps we could do a girls weekend there :)

Annie and Dan said...

I think this situation happens all over the world, well... at least at my house too! I always tell Dan that I will be quiet as he studies, but for some reason I have so much to talk about during that time. I have to leave the house too if he really needs uninterupted study time.

Megan said...

Hahaha! Oh Rachel, I know this scenario all too well. Attention Starved wife+ Chiropractic School Finals= Unsatisfied wife and husband!