Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just keep moving

I had to tell myself to 'just keep moving' over and over yesterday as I participated in my second marathon. Since I was doing this for the second time, I set new goals:

*Carb-load earlier the day before
*Don't walk
*Beat last year's time
*Encourage those running around me to keep going
*Drink more Gatorade and choke back goo before I am beyond exhausted
*Get a picture of me at the finish line

St. George was sunny and more enjoyable than last year's race in the rain. On the ride up I sat next to a man from Dallas. As we were chit-chatting, I found out that this was his 55th marathon-- 13th this year, and that his ultimate goal is to run in a marathon in each of the fifty (St. George was the 38th). Our chat was a bit motivating.

This year the run was more fun because there were five of us racing in it. Crystal, Crystal's sister-in-law Marci, James and James' mission companion also participated. We each experienced some difficult pains. James had problems with his ankles, Marci with her back, Crystal's knee was challenging her, and I experienced pain in my knee, quads and am now dealing with a purple toenail that will be falling off shortly.

I couldn't believe the time I made it in! My goal was four hours and I crossed the finish line at 3:59.09-YAY!!! I beat last year's time by 15 minutes. I couldn't believe it!

Pasta, pizza and breadsticks-- oh my!

James, Dave, Crystal, Marci, and me-- at 4:30 am. Ready to be done before we began.

James was the first of all of us to come in at 3:40

So happy to be at the finish line. Waving to Emily

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